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2012 Hyundai Veloster Six-Month Road Test: Infotainment Issues Page 2

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2012 Hyundai Veloster: Six-Month Road Test

While we weren't sure this was really the cause, we couldn't prove otherwise. Until iOS 6 came out a few days later. Once again, my iPhone 4S with the new iOS 6 operating system displayed the same error. But what if it wasn't the software but rather the hardware?

A week later my new iPhone 5 arrived, which had iOS 6 software on it. Within a day the issue arose and I witnessed it happening again. The first time it happened I convinced myself I must be seeing things. But the second, third, and fourth time, I knew the issue still existed.

So what's the real cause of this issue? Until this week, Hyundai hadn't figured it out beyond, "It's Apple's fault; the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are causing the issue." And while Bengt hasn't had this issue with his iPhone 3GS, we just had a hard time believing this is the real reason we are having these issues.

Hyundai just alerted us this week that it was actually not Apple's fault, and indeed there was an issue with the Veloster's infotainment software. A new software version is being field-tested now, and should be approved within the next few weeks. The software update will be a issued as a technical service bulletin to all dealerships. Customers can have the software update installed at their local Hyundai dealership for free during their next service appointment.

We've asked Hyundai if any other Veloster owner has complained about this issue. Hyundai assured us that they haven't had one other complaint about this.

So, we ask you Veloster owners: Have you had anything weird happen with your infotainment system?

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Comments (2)
  1. I have a very different issue, and yet I have an iPhone 4S and cannot say your issue has ever cropped-up for me, but unlike you, I leave my radio on, always.

    My issue appeared after 11 months of ownership: the screen calibration has gone wacky. Soft-buttons are no longer mapped to their locations on the screen, but are "off", either a little or a lot. The techs are baffled, and HQ has ordered a head unit replacement. It is being done as I write this. Very strange!
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  2. This happens to me on my Chevy Spark. I narrowed it down to the place where I left my car and parked. Never happens at work where we have an open parking lot, but when I go to the gym, underground garage, when I turn it back on it happens. I also own an iphone 4S but I never thought that could be the cause. So I really thought it was an issue of the XM signal rather than the infotainment system, now I might be wrong
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