Patriot Acts: The Most Important American Cars Of The Past 25 Years Page 4

July 3, 2012


The whole HUMMER exercise of marketing, research, and development rang the death knell for the old GM. GM had won the rights to the HUMMER brand in 1999, and by 2002 it had an SUV fit to wear the badge. Perfectly executed for its mission, but not its moment in time, the H2 was everything GM didn't need in the 2000s--another gas-guzzler, another brand to sustain. HUMMER was the tipping point that showed everyone--everyone except GM management--that the company couldn't hope to juggle eight brands and fill their showrooms with new products while it struggled with a huge pension problem. The political blowback alone from HUMMER's militaristic image would have worried a smaller company to death, but GM had far bigger problems than Greenpeace and Air America on its corporate platter.

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