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Ford Offers Feng Shui Map For The 2013 Ford Fusion

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Feng shui map of the 2013 Ford Fusion

Feng shui map of the 2013 Ford Fusion

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Car owners go to great lengths to customize their rides. From bumper stickers to car lashes, consumers spend millions of bucks each year to make their vehicles reflect their personalities and improve performance. So it only makes sense that some motorists might want to use the ancient Chinese art of feng shui to improve their cars' harmonious energy flow.

Ergo, Ford has provided a "bagua" -- or feng shui map -- of the nine life areas surrounding your vehicle. According to the bagua at left, your career is located in the car's engine compartment (which seems poetic), your fame is in the trunk (poetic and depressing), while wealth and relationships reside in the blind spots. (It's like they've read our Facebook pages.)

In homes and offices, tidying up these nine life areas is usually a long, complicated process, involving proper placement of special items, installation of mirrors, and hiring a very expensive feng shui consultant. But the underlying idea is that clutter is bad and must be removed -- and given how much time many of us spend in our cars, who can argue with that?

To feng shui a vehicle, Ford also suggests giving it a name and adding special interior fragrances to enhance your relationship to the car. Ford encourages shoppers to choose colors that complement their personality -- shades that tone down Type As or energize hackysack fans. Conveniently, Ford offers an array of ambient interior lighting " to customize the interior of their vehicle based on their mood".

Whether using this map on your own vehicle will improve its energy flow (or fuel efficiency) remains to be seen. But perhaps the bagua will encourage feng shui devotees in the U.S., China, and elsewhere to give a long, hard look at the 2013 Ford Fusion, over which it's laid in the illustration.

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Comments (5)
  1. Any chance Ford could put a large concentration of "feng shui" in that yellow area titled "Health" so that it can improve the mentality(smarts) of the people who drive cars? It's get'n scary out there folks!!
    Let me clarify more on this. If Ford could pull this off they could incorporate this though their whole model line up and who knows, sell after market "feng shui" STUFF so dealers could get customer in for free oil change with a "feng shui" inspection.
    "Come in for a free oil change while we feng shui you and your car" ;-)

  2. I'm sorry, what? Can we get a story about which cars are most susceptible to voodoo spells, or which Catholic saints (my own milieu) are the best ones to pray to for fuel injection issues?

    I read this site for information about cars, not for reprints of some moron in Ford's PR department decision to spew some blather about a quaint Chinese folk tradition. The only place this "information" from Ford should have on a car site is at the center of an article mocking it.

  3. Robert: I'll take the blame for that. Clearly, my sarcasm skills weren't up to snuff on a Monday morning. Part of the problem may be that I'm still mystified by the press release because it came completely out of left field. It was as if the Gap had sent me a press release about how to make great gumbo.

    As for Catholic saints, I believe St. Christopher is the patron saint of automobiles -- or he was, until St. Frances of Rome took over those duties.

  4. Fair enough, Richard. I was in a pissy mood this morning and I think my response was 90% that rather than your story.

  5. Oh, and this?

    "Whether using this map on your own vehicle will improve its energy flow (or fuel efficiency) remains to be seen."

    No, it doesn't remain to be seen. Feng shui doesn't improve anything measurable about the mechanical performance of a device, because feng shui is make believe.

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