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Heavily Criticized Honda Civic Should Be Refreshed By Fall

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Back in October, we told you that Honda was planning an early refresh of the much-criticized 2012 Civic. At the time, Honda execs expected the revamp to arrive in showrooms sometime in 2013 -- a full year ahead of schedule -- but according to a report in AutoNews, the tweaking has now been put into overdrive, and the refreshed Civic could debut before the end of this year.

The problems with the 2012 Civic began even before it arrived on the lots. First came the awkwardly phrased marketing campaign. Then, reviewers got to take the car for a spin and saw the cheap interior. The Wall Street Journal dubbed it "a betrayal", and customers seemed to agree, given the usually popular Civic's slumping sales figures.

Last fall, Honda acknowledged the Civic's critics and said that the company would work to turn out a refreshed model sometime in 2013. But over the weekend, an unnamed Honda executive told attendees at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in Las Vegas that the refreshed Civic will arrive by the fall of 2012 (AutoNews uses the word "significant" in describing changes to the Civic, but doesn't attribute it to the executive in question.)

If that happens, it will demonstrate remarkable determination on Honda's part. Typically, a refresh takes several years to engineer, and in the 2012 Civic's case, a facelift wasn't expected until calendar year 2014. That puts this a full two years ahead of schedule.

Honda's efforts are doubly remarkable given the problems it's had on the manufacturing side. Between the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami last March and the floods that crippled production in Thailand last fall, Honda -- along with other Japanese automakers -- had a very tough 2011.

We'll keep you posted as the refreshed Civic winds its way to a showroom near you.

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Comments (3)
  1. I would not hold my breath for anything remarkable, it is (conservertive) Honda after all!

    "Honda's efforts are doubly remarkable given their problems"
    yeah well see how remarkable they are, probably nothing more than a few add ons nothing to the engine will be done, hope the 4wd look is gone and god forbid WIDER TIRES, and hopefully a auto option for the si.

  2. Author isn't commenting on the supposed improvements
    Author is saying "remarkable" because Honda's pushing their redesign 2 years ahead of schedule, despite Earthquake/tsunami problems.
    If you need an Auto, you shouldn't be driving an Si, which is a driver's car. Not a lazy grocery getter for people who can't be bothered to change gear for themselves.
    Wider tires? On an economy car? Why? On the Si, sure. But elsewhere, it isn't necessary.
    And what the hell is a 4WD look? What does that even mean?

  3. I have to agree with Shane on this one. Why wider tires on an econobox? They need a facelift (less... ugly and less coherent to current design DNA), keep the engine, but update Si, because 201 HP is a faceslap to the Civic nation (hello, the Focus ST has ~240!!). Auto option for Si will not be in the works because look how short the last one lasted.

    Them listening to the critics? I know SRT pulled it off quite nicely with their new Viper, but for Honda to listen? Yeah, I agree with you; I am -not- holding my breath.

    I told my friends two years ago (they see me as a car guy) that Honda was dead. Now they're seeing what I mean. Their cars are ugly and bulky and goes nowhere.

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