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Carfellas: Discovery's New Show About Ex-Cons, Cars & Cannoli

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If you're the sort of TV fanatic who dreams about a mash-up between the brashness of The Sopranos and the waistbands of Pawn Stars, we've got good news: the Discovery Channel has just ordered 12 episodes of a reality show called Carfellas, and the first two are set to air on Monday night.

Carfellas centers around one Mike DeLucia (aka Mikey D.), who once engaged in some unsavory business practices and was ordered to spend an unspecified amount of time in a correctional facility. Mikey, however, has seen the light, and he's determined to become a legitimate businessman in the most legitimate business of all: used car sales.

And so, Mikey D. has opened a dealership called Broadway Motors in Amityville, Long Island. In the trailer below, we see Mikey and his crew, Tommie and Mario, try to hustle an honest buck from shoppers and shysters, all while keeping up plenty of chatter about strippers, spacones, and the various gavonnes littering their lives.   

All kidding aside: this looks like it might be a lot of fun. Discovery will run two episodes back to back on Monday night, beginning at 10pm ET, right after American Chopper


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Comments (8)
  1. Very dissapointed at the way Italian Americans are portrayed on Carfellas. I don't mind the Sopranos, as it's fiction, and entertaining as well. Most of us steer clear of the type of individuals that appear in this Guidofest Carfellas. Please remove this from your line-up
    as it really is offensive. We Italians for the most part are not Neanderthals swathed in gold jewelry.

  2. This show is a combination of Pachino and Di Nero in Heat and the Flintstones. Not for everyone but funny in NY Italian kinda way. Reminds me of my family get-togethers. It does make Italian men look not so good; forgetaboudit!

  3. Is Tommy Purteo Rican or Italian?

  4. Puerto Rican. Sorry I misspelled it

  5. I disagree with these posts.... carfellas is an excellent show that shows 3 guys acting like normal people. Everybody is not the same and thats what makes the world a great place

  6. Great frigging show !!!

  7. This show sucks bad!!!Its not funny.It is making us Real Car guys look stupid.And it makes Italians look really BAD!!!You should be assamed if your Italian???

  8. Please this show is really bad,its not even funny!!This doesn't portray the funniness in this business!!!Theirs alot of funny and clever people who aren't This same old played out stereo type of Italian looses!! Trust me I know Mario,he used to work for me in the Car Business,and he couldn't sell a car to a guy with a fist full of fifties!!And they are giving car guys a bad name,They are making Italians look stupid,and what gangsters??STOP Hes a associate,maybe??Call me I know everybody in the business!!!And the best guys are all criminals,just trying to support a family!!Mario is a RAT!!!!Hes not a criminal,he rats on his fellow workers!!!!!He got a friend of mine fired for fulling his car up with gas!!Mario Rated him out!!Hes a PUNK!!!

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