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DARE-Truck-Pulling Cop Arrested, Charged With DUI

2010 Camaro SS accident

2010 Camaro SS accident

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It almost seems like a case of “Can you believe this?” Unfortunately, this story is true. A cop pulling a DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)  truck sideswiped a legally parked car in the Southern Indiana town of Salem, in Washington County, and then hit a tree.

The crash, which occurred around 10:30 p.m., was loud enough to startle nearby residents Scott and Tina Robbins just as they were about to go to sleep. They saw the damage to the truck and the tree and immediately called 911.

The pickup truck’s driver, John Newcomb, 38, is a police officer with the Seymour Police Department. According to news reports, investigating officers didn’t take long to figure out alcohol was involved. Sources say his blood alcohol content (BAC) was .14, nearly twice the legal limit. Newcomb was arrested by Indiana State Police, charged with operating while intoxicated and booked into the Washington County Jail.

There’s more to the story. Besides being a police officer and pulling the DARE truck identified as Seymour Police Department, Newcomb is heavily involved in drug abuse awareness education with students. The Seymour P.D. website lists Newcomb as the School Resource Officer. He is responsible for seven schools and acts as a mentor and role model for students. To top it off, Newcomb, says the website, lectures on alcohol and narcotics and their effects on driving.

There is no indication where Newcomb came from or where he was going the night of the crash. The officer did have a dog in the pickup truck with him and reportedly told arresting officers the dog distracted him.

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Comments (8)
  1. the police are hypocrits, cops have a high rate of alcoholism and domestic assault. In other words they commit the same crimes and have the same problems they arrest people for. There are some good cops, but many are no better than the scum they arrest.

  2. Jason

    You need to take a pill. Most police officers do a fantastic job. They have a passion for their work. The only problem is they have to be recruited from the human race. That's where you come in. As a human being you can choose to be a good person or a bad person. That's up to you. From your post you sound like you are mad all cops. What happened? Did get your toes stepped on? As for this particular police officer, I think it safe to say they should have used past tense in writing the article. He was a police officer, and he was a school resource officer - but no more.

  3. I have a relative in law enforcement and he is a great guy but he not afraid of beer in the truck.

  4. Several studies over the years conclude that DARE is an ineffective program that does NOT achieve what its implementers desire but continue to use it.

    Perhaps due to laziness to create and implement a program that actually does reach the desired goal?

    Maybe the typical entrenched bureaucracies following a well-worn path that does not reach the wanted "destination?"

    Well, being a DARE officer is a well-paid position and ultimately leads to a secure pension paid for by taxpayers with regular COLA (cost of living) increases, typically excellent health benefits and when compared to what the vast majority of citizens in the private sector obtain is FAR FAR better than what the "commoners" can ever attain.

    And, look for the data that will pro

  5. You act like you have to be born privledged to become a police officer. Give me a break. If you want the same benefits they have then go get the trainiing and make the same commitment that they do. Otherwise remain lazy sit on your butt and whine about being a commoner. The choice is yours. I really tire of the pathetic whining of people that are unwilling to better themselves.

  6. Any one of us can make a mistake including police officers. Those that think only the other guy can make inept decisions after having a few beers should remember this news story.

  7. DARE is a great program.One of my children was in that program when it began in Middlesex with Officer Scott Young.

  8. ahhh , give the guy paid administrative leave , let him "think" about the poor choice he made , put him on desk duty for a while till the storm passes , then , give him his car back and let him get back on the streets to "fight crime" .... loser !!!!!!!!! Makes me sick !!!!!!!

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