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What Do You Want To See In The Next-Gen Corvette? #YouTellUs

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2009 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept

2009 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept

The current Corvette is a terrific sports car, but it is starting to show its age. Chevrolet has told us a new model is on the way and will feature numerous improvements.

One of the promised improvements will be a much nicer interior. The seats will be upgraded and the materials, along with electronics, will all be vastly superior to what is in today's Corvette.

There have been rumors that Chevrolet might offer a twin-turbo V-6 or V-8. Some have even said we will see a turbocharged V-8 connected to a 7-speed manual or dual-clutch transmission. At one time there was even a wild rumor regarding the Corvette getting all-wheel drive, though that was dismissed quickly. At this point, anything is possible, but little has been confirmed.

So today we ask you, what do you want to see in the next-generation Corvette? Tweet us your response and make sure to include the hashtag #NextVette -- and you'll join the chorus right here via CoverItLive.

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Comments (10)
  1. Further weight reduction via carbon fiber, aluminum, 8 speed SMG, highly bolstered seats. These mods would make the competition bite their nails to the quick.

  2. Tackless, a 7-speed manual and or dual-clutch is a good possibility, but I wouldn't count on the 8-speed dual-clutch.

  3. A dual turbo charged V6 with exhaust bypass with dull-clutch 7 speed transmission under 40K!
    More extensive use of carbon fiber to lighten the load.

    "I want it all and I want it now" ;-)

  4. Matt everything you suggest seems very plausible except the sticker price. Even at $60k it would be a deal.

  5. The basics: variable valve timing and lift, direct injection 7+ speed transaxle. Then, a twin turbo V8 for the ZR1. A turbo V6 stripped track model would be a good option.

  6. I would like to see a much more refined exterior. Women would also like to drive this car and do. Not so muscled, but more like the earlier Stingrays. It won't happen but a girl can dream right??

  7. Get rid of the Cavalier interior and the designed by Green Acres alumni exterior.

  8. Corvette has to be a v8, but given enviro rules maybe a smaller capacity with turbo's.
    Weight loss is a must but again Vette has to be somewhat affordable so carbon fibre probably out (except top spec models).
    7sp dual Clutch a must
    Fully digital interior, maybe it own i-pad like device that can plug into the centre console.
    Top spec model maybe even have electric motors in front wheels with a KERS energy recovery powering it for short sprints.

  9. stop selling this monument to waste.

  10. i'd like to see great handling with 4 doors, 4 seats, and 44 mpg.

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