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Kill Two Pedestrians, Go To Jail? Not In Florida

Scales of Justice. Image: Clyde Robinson

Scales of Justice. Image: Clyde Robinson

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On February 13, 2010, millionaire Ryan LeVin was racing his Porsche 911 Turbo against a friend’s BMW in the Fort Lauderdale area when he lost control of the car. A nearby security camera caught his Porsche jumping the curb and striking two British tourists, killing both.

LeVin fled the scene of the accident, and when police finally caught up with the costume-jewelry-empire heir, he denied being behind the wheel of the Porsche at the time of the crash. LeVin alleged that he’d switched cars with a friend half an hour before the accident, but that alibi evaporated when police produced evidence that LeVin had been stopped in his Porsche for a loud exhaust just 12 minutes before the fatal crash. Ironically, LeVin was on probation at the time of the fatal accident, for striking a Chicago police officer with his car in 2006.

Things looked bleak for LeVin, who faced up to 45 years in prison. Instead, LeVin received a sentence of two years house arrest and agreed to pay restitution (of an undisclosed amount) to the victim’s families.  His attorney argued that the need for LeVin to pay compensation to the families outweighed the need for prison time, and the sentencing judge agreed.

The restitution also settles a civil suit brought against LeVin by the victim’s families, but LeVin does face prison time in Illinois for parole violation. That assumes that Florida will allow extradition to Illinois, but something tells us that LeVin’s lawyer will find a way to fight that as well.

The most disturbing part? Although LeVin pleaded guilty to two counts of vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident, he never offered an apology to the victims’ families.

The bottom line is this: if you’re going to break the law, be prepared to suffer the consequences, unless you live in Florida and have lots of money. In that case, all it takes is a big enough check to set things to right.

[Chicago Breaking News, via BoingBoing]

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Comments (22)
  1. Hey Kurt,
    Nice coverage. If you're interested in continuing to follow this ridiculous story Broward-Palm Beach New Times has been on top of it. Here's just one post about LeVin:

  2. Why couldn't the family receive compensation in the civil trial and still have LeVin sentenced to jail time in the criminal court? It's utterly ridiculous to receive house arrest for killing two people and fleeing the scene when we throw the book at people who take recreational drugs.

  3. @David, that left me scratching my head as well. My best guess is that the defendant and his lawyer are politically hooked up in south Florida. In other words, rules simply don't apply to them.

  4. Ive got a better idea, he pays the families that money AND he goes to jail for the next 45 years of his life...

  5. People with money are above the law. Period.

  6. People with money are above the law. Period.

  7. Here in 'Murka we live by the Golden Rule. He who has the Gold, makes the rules.

  8. The US is trash and the Constitution is a joke. It is a matter of months before the US will cease to exist because the leaders are criminal garbage and should be in front of the military tribunal and tried for treason. TRASH AND GARBAGE

  9. The US is trash and the Constitution is a joke. It is a matter of months before the US will cease to exist because the leaders are criminal garbage and should be in front of the military tribunal and tried for treason. TRASH AND GARBAGE

    Hyperbole much?

  11. Shades of Steven Milo, who was severely injured in a hit-and-run in Vail, CO, by Martin Joel Erzinger. The prosecutor refused to press charges against the (very wealthy) Erzinger because a "felony convictions have some pretty serious job implications"-- and that's a quote.

  12. Someone get Dexter on the phone.

  13. This troll should spend the rest of his life on his knees in a dark damp dungeon.

  14. SCUM!! where the f is dexter??!!?!?! this guy deserves to end up in a garbage bag!! hopefully he'll pay with more than cash in the afterlife!

  15. LOL he is on house arrest in his mansion for two years...what a tough life.
    Florida's government is seriously horrible...I have yet to see any good judgment come out of that state.

  16. I volunteer to run this MF'er over with MY Porsche.

  17. Its nice to know that Illinois is going to do what Florida won't and put this joker in jail.

  18. @Arelem, that assumes that Michigan and Florida can work out a deal on extradition, which I'm sure LeVin's lawyers will fight tooth and nail.

  19. This scumbag gets off easy while 18-year-old high school prankster Tyell Morton is facing 2-8 years for placing a blow-up doll in the girl's lavatory.

  20. This dickweed is free to do this again in two years, or possibly sooner. How did this court serve the people?

  21. Is this the America my Dad fought for in World War Two?
    Is this the America I fought for in Vietnam?
    Is this the America my son is fighting for in Afganistan? Shame on Florida. Shame on America.
    Not my Grandson he is going to a better country.

  22. #21 not spam My dad was in the Navy, I was in the Army, and my son is a Marine in Afghanistan. I am taking care of his son while he is deployed.

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