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Snooki, Sun-Sipping Convertibles And SRX: Today's Car News

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2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

We know it's not really summer until late June, but that gives you time to save gas money and work on your tan with these fuel-conscious convertibles. [TheCarConnection]

Cadillac had plans for a plug-in SRX hybrid--but now those plans have been unplugged. [GreenCarReports]

Though Saab's restarted production, its future is anything but certain. [MotorAuthority]

Ever have a root canal without anaesthetic? You'll feel the same way after watching this video of a Ferrari 599 backing into a pole. [MotorAuthority]

The EPA's new fuel economy window stickers don't assign letter grades, thank goodness, but they do highlight hybrid and electric cars. [GreenCarReports]

GM snubbed it an an infamous "leaf blower" ad; now Nissan's turning the tables on the Chevy Volt with its own gas-powered Leaf commercial. [AllCarsElectric]

Parked in a handicapped spot without legitimate reason? You're one of a growing pack of losers. [FamilyCarGuide]

Mass production makes clever technology more prevalent--which is why you can find hybrid powertrains, dual-clutch gearboxes and the like in some very inexpensive cars. [AllCarTech]

Jersey short Snooki crashed into parked police cars in Italy. Would we be jaded if we thought it was a Jersey Shore stunt? [MotorAuthority]

Finally today, Apple's about to hijack all known Web traffic with its new iCloud service--whatever it is, should it come to your car? #YouTellUs. [SocialCarNews]
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