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How to Get from ‘B’ To ‘A’? Ask Audi

2012 Audi A6 Avant

2012 Audi A6 Avant

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Having had a relatively low stress day, I decided to ruin it by intentionally engaging in what I like to call “anger gardening.” It involves weeding my backyard, which according to some has become an unintentional exercise in biodiversity run amok. There are more types of weeds and plant-like devices in my backyard than in a gardening magazine. I am convinced the other weeds in the neighborhood tell each other about my backyard and emigrate there for unencumbered living. Worse, when I do get up the courage and go and weed the place, I swear, every time I mercilessly rip one weed out in a fit of anger, there’s another one that has popped up, and has probably given me the finger while I had my back turned. 

In short, they’re taking over, they are popping up everywhere. Time to give in.

Which brings me to the subject of today’s post, this great Audi ad called Supply and Demand, which I truly enjoyed. Where is the logical bridge from weeding to Audi? Okay, it’s tenuous and tangential, but have you seen how many Audis there are around lately? They are sprouting up like high-class, precision-engineered, masterfully sculpted German weeds. Not just here in North America, but all across Europe and in vastly increasing numbers in China.

As proof of the Audi juggernaut, I just watched the global unveiling of the new Audi A6 Avant (that’s station wagon for the uninitiated, and it won't be coming to the U.S.). Audi pulled out all the stops and even had an allegedly really hip German dance troupe called The Flying Steps to intro the car. And quite an intro it was. Audi is not doing things by half measures theatrically or mechanically. Audi is spreading its roots everywhere in almost every segment. There is even supposed to be Audi A9.

All to do one thing: Knock those smug BMW Bavarians off their Munich-based perch and become Nummer Eins. And that’s where this ad comes in. The short version is, a BMW 3-Series driver (target group: white male, under 45, some urban successful type, I’m guessing) sees a truck laden with brand new Audis, literally climbs out of his BMW, onto the truck, and into an Audi. Where some else is sitting in the driver’s seat having done the same thing. And the voice-over informs you about all Audi’s conquest sales over BMW and Mercedes. The ad is interesting in that the stunt pulled is pretty well done. The ad won’t win any awards but it certainly makes the message clear. Audi will inspire you to do foolish things just to get into the hippest brand out there. BMW won’t.

That Mercedes is so conspicuously absent in this ad is a bit troubling for this legendary automaker, but they have been sliding for about a decade now. Audi isn't pulling any punches and is targeting the top dog BMW with quality product and solid advertising, and a clear message that any current BMW owner will soon find his or her way to Audi.

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