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Girl's Brilliant Backside Wins Her VW Bus

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How often do you wish you could win a 1978 Volkswagen Microbus based on how good your derriere looks? Turns out Hollister just held just such a contest on its Facebook fan page.The premise of the contest was simple, submit a photo of your derriere to Hollister's Facebook fan page.

Fans could vote for whichever one they felt was the best. The fan with the most votes would win a 1978 Volkswagen Microbus.

Who had the best looking butt of them all? The winner was Lizzy Marola, a freshman at Coastal Carolina University. She submitted a photo of her derriere in Hollister jeans on a whim at the store. Clearly enough fans found it to be the finest of them all.The 1978 Volkswagen Microbus is customized, complete with surfboards on top and a leather couch inside.Below is the image that ended up winning Lizzy the Microbus.

Hollister Co.'s

Hollister Co.'s

[Facebook via Litchfield County Times via AutoBlog]

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Comments (14)
  1. i wouldnt be caught dead in one of those.. if it aint a ford chevy or didge, i aint drivin it

  2. Nice piece of ass... There I said it :-D

  3. I love the dimples on the lower back, so sexy!!!

  4. This is cool but the "microbus" stopped being made in 1967 with the end of the "v" front. This 1978 Volkswagen is a van.

  5. I'd tap it thrice!

  6. That's such a shame. She got baby booty. They haven't seen mine, that was the problem ;). Had I been aware, I would've entered the contest. Even for sport.

  7. The dimples on her lower back are incredibly sexy, I think that's why she won, not because of her butt.

  8. @VeeDubs:
    Sorry, but no, this is not a "van." No Bay Window Bus owner would ever let you call their bus a "van" without getting slapped.
    Vanagons = vans
    1968-1979 = buses

  9. is she old enough to drive? Nice heiny-dimples though.

  10. is she old enough to drive? Nice heiny-dimples though.

  11. baby gurl in the colored button up looks fly like a motherfuc

  12. i'll fwap to that.
    and i did.

  13. She is so- cute. I want to squeeze her dimples.

  14. I Love VW!!!

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