TCC's Top Stories for 2010: PETA Monkeys, The Volt Conflamma, and Flying Cars

December 29, 2010

We've shown you the most popular reviews on TheCarConnection in 2010--but what about monkeys and PETA, the once and not-future Ranger, Volt lies and flying cars?

That's just a cross-section of the most popular news and features that crossed the High Gear Media wires this year. Whether you came in from other sites in our network--like MotorAuthority, GreenCarReports, AllCarsElectric or FamilyCarGuide--or from places like Digg, Twitter, Facebook or The Huffington Post, your tastes kept us hunting for the latest breaking headlines, while we also brought you our award-winning reviews and auto-show coverage.

We can't begin to predict what the top headlines for 2011 will be--but these are the biggest news stories published by TheCarConnection in the past year:

So Is Chrysler's Invisible Ad Monkey Flipping Off PETA?: Did they or didn't they? We've never seen so many emails from PETA, as they protested a Dodge ad with an almost-blown-up monkey. But wait: Dodge CGI-ed the critter out of a broadcast ad, making it ten times more clever in the process.

First Drive: 2010 Hyundai Tucson: Tried and true "first drives" are the lifeblood of auto Web sites, and the Tucson was TCC's top traffic player, thanks to an early 2010 launch.

Chrysler/Fiat: We Predict The 2012 Lineup: Everyone worried Chrysler would cancel the Viper--and they kept it in limbo for a while--but what about the minivans, the Journey and the Wrangler? We divined the future as best we could, and batted over .500.

Toyota and Lexus Recall: Everything You Need To Know: Toyota's year of angst kept a news story rolling throughout 2010, with regular updates coming with every recall added to the long list from the Japanese automaker.

2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost: First Drive: Strong interest in Ford's more frugal new trucks brought pickup shoppers in our front doors in midsummer.

All-New 2012 Ford Ranger Not Coming To The U.S.: Here's Why: The endless Web chatter over the death of the U.S. Ford Ranger led to a lot of message-board envy over the new, not-for-us pickup.

How GM Didn't Lie About The Volt, And Why The Press Is Wrong: Is it an electric car, a plug-in hybrid or both? We weighed in on the ridiculous inside-baseball argument that started via a few lurid tweets in October.

2011 Hyundai Elantra Preview: Hyundai's hold on car shoppers isn't letting up, as our month-old preview of the new Elantra landed in the top ten--along with a companion 2011 Hyundai Elantra Live Gallery.

Flying Car Gets FAA Approval: What good is a year-end wrap-up without a good flying-car story? Wait, is there any good flying-car story? We'll leave that up to you.

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