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2009 Volkswagen New Beetle

2009 Volkswagen New Beetle

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The cute as a bug Volkswagen New Beetle has to make the list. Starting with the lackluster fuel economy which is caused by the unimpressive five-cylinder engine. The interior at this point feels dated, and dare we say, gimmicky. Volkswagen brags about the back seat, but in reality the rear seat headroom is nothing to brag about, and the crash-test results are mediocre at best. The New Beetle is also a terminal chick car, and its looks are so cute it'll make your teeth ache. Lets not forget that plastic vase, do you really want to look at a plastic flower on your dashboard for five years?

2003 Pontiac Sunfire

2003 Pontiac Sunfire

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The Pontiac Sunfire is a sad story in itself. Just like a Chevrolet Cavalier, but worse: it tried to be sporty, but never really hit that mark. Perfect for administrative assistants who wanted to feel sporty. We call this failed pretentiousness. That sporty styling hindered rear visibility and Consumer Reports slaps the Sunfire with a poor used car prediction. We think their Magic Eight Ball is onto something.

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Comments (28)
  1. The Chevy Sonic, that is replacing the Aveo, is a HUGE difference in every aspect. Look it up.

  2. As a Brit I guess I should be upset about the Freeloader being on the list but I don't know a single person who has one who doesn't have issues with there's... so, I'm going to reserve my upset for the Saab being on this list. Anybody who drove one of the 'proper' Saab (convertible or otherwise) of the 80's will tell you what fantastic cars they were. At 100,000+ miles they offered better reliability than most new French cars... it's just appalling how GM management crushed the quality out of them.

  3. Don't agree about the Contour, had a '00 SE with V6 and 5-speed, with no real problems, and I am a spirited driver (6'3" tall, also) Must be the pro-Japanese bias in this list

  4. You keep citing Consumer Reports... who in their right mind could give a rat's ass what Consumer Reports thinks about an automobile? Their polling method is so incredibly flawed it's utterly amazing that anyone gives it any credence - least of all you auto-writer types.

  5. What a stupid list! Since it's OK to kick the dead horse of a 10-year-old Ford Mondeo, can we trash talk the Chevrolet Vega? What about some Studebakers which had some problems?

    Everyone here seems to love their Saab 9-3's. And why wouldn't back seat room be small. If you want back seat room buy a van. And can I add that the 9-3 is not an of road car- the ride is fine. Go Saab!

  7. The Worst Car Review Summary for Anyone, for Any Reason....

  8. The Saab 9-3 is known for transmission problems? Hah, you must have pulled that out of your behind. As far as I know, all their automatics are made by Aisin Warner - which is owned by Toyota. I have 136k miles on my '03 9-3 and it still shifts as smooth as butter.

  9. Saab 9-3 vert as the number one worst gift, WTF???!!! Flex - most verts in this category are less stiff than a sedan, obviously. The Saab vert is better than most other similarly priced verts. Ride - depends what chassi you get, the sports on the Aero is somewhat harsh but improves handling, if you prefer cruising, get one with normal chassi. Engine & Transmission has gotten better reliability ratings than even ze germanz, in trustable polls, not the crap Consumer Reports produces.
    BUT I'll take a gifted Saab 9-3 convertible ANYTIME!

  10. The part about the Saab 9-3 Convertible simply shows that you never drove one. Most likely you never even saw one in person. Now that's what I call well founded journalism.

  11. I enjoyed reading the comments more than the article, and they were more enlightened!

  12. The SAAB has NOTHING to do with this list. That transmission is superb and has minimal breakdowns. Show me some real facts, not college student B-L. The back seat? -among the best in its class. Show me some proof I'm wrong, I know I'm not. The ride is precise, not harsh. Comes as a surprise when a car actually do what you tells it to do? Actually, this IS a very good car and it's among the best convertibles you can buy.

  13. Bout the Saab 9-3 Convertible:
    I own a MY2007 2.0T, I am very happy to drive this car every day!
    I don't know about which car the author is writing...definitely not about the 9-3 Convertible!

  14. I drive my third saab convertible now and all of them were fantastic and reliable
    In a few days the car will bring me,my friend , mother in law and a labrador retriever from holland to the austrian snow and we are all looking forward to this journey in a wonderfull car

  15. Living in the quality oriented Saab country I can inform that nobody even tried to sell the Amanti or the Sunfire. Beetle and Land Rovers are for the few carromantics. Aveo? Not even for rental companies! The european Mondeo was and is a good car, close to Saab quality.
    Arne, Frösön

  16. well... looks like you guys never drove Saab, maby some day you'll try, and then become a true journalist? Writing about the thing you know nothing about is childish, because your text shows, that your knowledge about Saab is zero. Griffin Up!

  17. If the Saab 9-3 vert has any weak points (and it has a few, as has any other car), these certainly aren't the transmission (has an excellent rep), the rear seating space (more than practically any other ragtop in its class) and the flexing of the chassis (stiffer than nearly any other convertible on the market today). No-one who ever drove one can ever have written this load of bovine excrement. But if there are people who, based on this 'honest, unbiased review', want to give away their 9-3 vert, I will gladly accept the gift.
    Come on, Car Connection, if you consider yourselves a serious car site, you can't be publishing nonsense like this. Do some serious research or at least drive the car before going public with such drivel!

  18. Evidently the car connection has no connection with reality, why else would they write this undocumented BS?

  19. I know what I want for Christmas! For all the Saab fanboys to have to live in a 1990s or early 2000s convertible outside of warranty coverage for the top mechanism or turbos.

  20. Although Consumer Reports is flawed... just looked at their 2011 ratings for the Saab 9-3 and there is NO SIGN of major transmission problems for the years covered. The 9-3 has improved so much over the years, that this whole article is woefully out of date. A car-nut publication should be ashamed of this article.
    If you think disclosure is in order, I have a 2003 9-5 Aero wagon and back when I bought it the 9-3 was clearly less reliable than the 9-5 according to Consumer Reports.

  21. SAAB conv on this list, your joking, right? What complete bunk, do your homework. This car is tops in class for space, rear seat and trunk is enormous compared to the competetion. Flex??, It is actually known for being very rigid. Where did he dream up this transmission issue? Get, the facts bro. Has this reviewer ever driven a convertible car? Maybe he is based in India and drives a rickshaw.

  22. 7 worst links to give to anyone researching a car, for any reason.
    I will start the list with "the car connection" which is masquerading as a source of automotive information. But, in reality, is created and written by painfully amateurish bloggers who's only credentials appear to be the ability to turn on a computer and operate a keyboard.

  23. I really wish the folks doing these Saab reviews would actually check out Saab and talk to Saab owners. I have 2 young adults in college, and thus 4 cars in the stable. Our 2006 Saab 93 has cost us less to own EVERY YEAR we have owned it than our Nissan Sentra, AND less than my 2006 Acura TSX. I am so committed that when we bought a new car this month, we proudly added a new Saab 93 to the family!

  24. Mr. Padgett, What does an early 90's or 2000 SAAB have to do with the article? The picture is CLEARLY of a 2008 or newer 9-3 (which I own). I have carried four adults comfortably and I am over six feet. It is structurally more sound and reliable than the Germans (of which several friends own). Not to mention, I also have a '99 9-3 with nearly 200K mile that requires nothing more than an oil change and tune up. I suggest before you wish anything on anyone, you know what you are talking about. A poor showing for a so called journalist.

  25. Wow. What an arbitrary list. Don't give a chick car (New Beetle) to anyone. Even if they are a chick. Since there seem to be no rules for this list, how about a Jaguar XJ6 from the 80's. Or a Hyundai Excel. Why not go back another generation in Ford's stable, and list the Tempo. Ford Aspire, anyone? Put the Miata on the list because it can't hold three people. And all minivans, because they can't corner like a sports car. Great list. For nobody.

  26. Placing the Saab 9-3 convertible on this list is a definitive mistake! Even Consumer Reports has the car on its list of "recommended" vehicles. The Saab convertible has consistently received good crash test ratings and currently holds a 5 star crash test rating. Proving "body-flex" is not an issue. It has a soft top which muffles more sound than many hard tops. And why suddenly, when a transmission that is shared by multiple automakers is placed in a Saab it is horribly flawed in all variants? At least compare the Saab convertible to others before dismissing it as the worst convertible to buy for someone else. Thanks for pushing an emerging independent car manufacture's great product into the ground. Take peoples actual experiences and accounts into consideration, there is a reason the Saab convertible is cherished by its owners.
    "I know what I want for Christmas! For all the Saab fanboys to have to live in a 1990s or early 2000s convertible outside of warranty coverage for the top mechanism or turbos." -Try living an any other convertible and still smile while you drive it.

  27. We looked at residual values, reliability, and general awfulness. These are our choices. Have different ones? You're entitled. In fact, we'll even publish your take --

  28. Are you kidding me? The Saab convertible on list of cars to not gift to someone ? O.K. then gift it to me . I'll take it no questions asked. I'm so tired of car experts in auto magazines dissing Saab. Theres nothing wrong with Saabs . I've had three of them. The 2006 convertible had a 5-speed which I traded in for the 2006 Sport combi wagon(more practical), with 24,000 miles on it, Before that I had the 1989 Saab 900 sedan, after that the 2003 Saab 9000.So O.K.I had a problem with the 9000 at 133,000 miles the head gasket blew , and with the 900 I lost reverse(manual transmission) but since G.M. took over the transmission is Japanese and in some models the engine is german. Next time drive one or ask an owner.

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