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Breaking: Honda Sees You When You're Sleeping, Knows If You've Been Naughty

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Honda's 'NaughtyOrNice-a-tron'

Honda's 'NaughtyOrNice-a-tron'

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We talk a lot about apps at Social Car News, but most of those apps are for smartphones. We often forget that Facebook has apps, too -- and they're not all about tending sheep. In fact, Honda just launched a Facebook app that's not only timely, but also fairly funny: the "NaughtyOrNice-a-tron".

The "NaughtyOrNice-a-tron" is part of Honda’s annual “Happy Honda Days” campaign -- the company's year-end sales event. The app may not boast star power to rival that Toyotathon ad with Erik Estrada and Fabio (which no one has posted to the web just yet), but it's entertaining enough to hold your attention for a few solid minutes.

The app works by analyzing the content on your Facebook page -- mostly your status updates, post, and likes. We're guessing that its algorithm is a simple one, designed to look for keywords like "love" or "hate" to get a bead on your personality and thus, to take an educated guess on your nice/naughty inclinatoins. Ultimately, we scored a "Naughty" and were urged to buy someone a Honda to make up for our misdeeds. Sounds like Honda's trying to put Krampus out of work.

As Facebook apps go, the "NaughtyOrNice-a-tron" scores a solid B. It's not the sort of thing anyone would use more than once, but it still earns points for bring timely, intriguing, and funny. Best of all, it doesn't seem too invasive -- and given Facebook's privacy-infringing habits, that's a ringing endorsement. 

Of course, the larger question is, will the app get folks to buy Hondas? Who knows? But it's worth a whirl (and a subsequent deletion) if you're looking to waste time this Friday.

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