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The TCC List: The 7 Most Important Recalls Of the Decade Page 3

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2000 Volkswagen New Beetle

2000 Volkswagen New Beetle

2003: Volkswagen ignition coils

Volkswagen started the last decade with some momentum, thanks to clever ads and the return of the iconic Beetle. By 2003, the new generation of VW converts were an irked bunch, thanks to a problem with faulty ignition coils in its four- and six-cylinder engines that led to charges of foot-dragging by the German automaker. The coils would fail without warning, and until an official service action in 2003, VW only would replace the coils after they had failed--and after much kvetching. Eventually, more than half a million Volkswagen and Audi vehicles were included in a service action that replaced the coils at no charge. The cost to VW's reputation: enormous. Today, the issue still is under surveillance by the NHTSA, as VW prepares another U.S. onslaught with the 2011 Jetta and with a new mid-size sedan manufactured in Tennessee.


2002-2004: Honda automatic transmissions

Honda's first step beyond four-speed automatic transmissions proved a difficult one. A new five-speed automatic developed for use across its lineup, in vehicles from the Honda Accord and Odyssey to the Acura TL and MDX did not provide enough lubrication for proper transmission shifts. Honda spent more than $150 million to fix the problem in more than 1 million affected vehicles, but its reputation for reliability took a big, rare hit.

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Comments (5)
  1. Not one Chrysler built vehicle on the list, go figure?With all the negative comments made by Automotive writers/publisher's, Consumer"Commie"Reports, etc. As unattractive the Sebring Sedan, 07'-10', it was not the ugliest car on the market. That award goes to the Toyota Prius, but you never hear anybody commenting on that.

  2. The Sebring is still ugly. I would take the Prius over that car with hesitation.

  3. This is just an quick article, and not really researched. Chrysler had repeating problems with their transmissions and engine fires as well. As my mechanic had once put it, he loves Chrysler/Dodge...they keep him in business. Ford and GM also had their big share or recalls. No automaker is immune. Unless they fail to fix the problem free of charge or compensate, it's no big deal these days

  4. My bad, tt should have read:
    The Sebring is still ugly. I would take the Prius over that car withOUT hesitation.

  5. Actually, the Chrysler automatic-transmission problems were going to be the eighth on the list, but mostly the recalls occurred in the 1990s. Since then, their recalls haven't been as big, and frankly haven't affected their business as much as those big Honda and Toyota recalls, for example.

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