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Today at High Gear Media: Hyundai Goes Green, Leaf Wins Big

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2011 Hyundai Elantra

2011 Hyundai Elantra

Is Hyundai about to overtake Honda as the world's greenest carmaker? [GreenCarReports]

As we did, European journalists have named the 2011 Nissan Leaf their Car of the Year. [AllCarsElectric]

Safer roads are great for cars--but have you seen the stats for pedestrians and other forms of transportation? [TheCarConnection]

You need a turnkey drag racer in your life, so keep an eye on Ford Racing's catalog for the new Cobra Jet. Mission accomplished. [MotorAuthority]

If you're one of the lucky few to be giving a car as a gift this holiday season, take note of all the "winter specials" on the Web. [FamilyCarGuide]

In Arizona, mystery shoppers could be the key to preventing auto-repair scams and poor service. [AllCarAdvice]

GM's Thanksgiving ads nicely underplayed its recent troubles. "We all fall down," indeed. [AmazingCarAds]

Finally today, if you've seen Kanye West's latest video, you might think that's a Lambo in the shoot--and you would be wrong. [CollegeCarGuide]

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  1. Let me see if I got this right, by some measure of "green", people actually think Honda is a contender ?
    Don't they make the some of the most vile and environmentally damaging internal combustion motors know to man in the form of the lawn mower ? Yes they do ! The common lawn mower, running for one hour,pollutes more than a new automobile running for 8 hours. What about Motorcycles ? Does Honda make those too? YES ! and do they have pollution control devices on them ? NO ! So lets examine some facts, Honda makes cars- yep- government regulated for pollution.
    Honda makes un-regulated internal combustion motors for lawn mowers, generators, landscaping equipment, and motorcyles all over the world and you choose to call them green? DON'T THINK SO !!!!

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