Today in Car News: Toyota Recalls, BP and Hot-Rod Caskets

September 15, 2010

Toyota is in federal court this week, trying to get all those sudden-acceleration lawsuits tossed. Our take: blaming Toyota for idiot drivers is like blaming Bugatti for choking Isadora Duncan. Isadora who? [Detroit News]

It's a tale of the good, the bad, and the ugly, but mostly the latter two--small cars in America. [CarAndDriver]

In the ugly vein, the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may not have affected the coastal beaches, but there's ample evidence it's just laying in wait. [CNN]

It's Toonces, the driving cat--the cat that could drive a car! And he's helping out OnStar. And now for some reason, GM's HR department is fielding calls from Nora Dunn. It's sad. [Jalopnik]

On the other side of GM, the holding company that owns all the General's closed plants is losing money daily--as thieves make off with copper and other saleable bits and pieces of the former manufacturing facilities. [New York Times]

Auto supplier Visteon may finally be ready to exit bankruptcy proceedings after more than a year. The "life experience" frees it up to become a cast member of any Real Housewives variant. [Autoblog]

One man's dream: to take 400 pounds out of a Porsche 928 and convert it to electric power. Not all dreams are epic, or even all that interesting, we guess. [Carscoop]

Driving a hundred-year-old car is a lesson in history--but it's not always the most efficient way to get to Pebble Beach. [AutoWeek]

If your pants are on the ground during a vehicle stop and search...too bad, say the Minnesota Supremes. [TTAC]

And finally, when you prepare to depart this earth, you might as well do it in a casket shaped like a hot rod. Because you know God loves a Holley carburetor. [AutoMotto]

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