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Two western states have made their auto repair protection efforts available in the form of pamphlets that can be accessed online. The California Bureau of Auto Repair, whose actions has been the subject of a number of All Car Advice posts, publishes a Consumer’s Guide to Auto Repair. It can be viewed online at the link at the bottom of this article.

There is some information that is specific to California, like how to file a complaint, but the bulk of the brochure has a lot of helpful hints on how to stay out of trouble at a repair shop. How to find a reputable shop and what to do when you are describing your problem are dealt with in detail. You can request it to be mailed to you subject to availability. The instructions are contained in the link. The material, however, is not conveniently printed from the online version.

Washington State’s Attorney General’s Office has prepared Auto Repair Before and After and makes it available online as well. It outlines what is illegal in the state and while not applicable to your situation it does bring up some disturbing practices that are good to know about. Low balling and getting paid twice (by the consumer and by a warranty company) are examples.

Especially helpful are points that are made in both of these publications. They are to find a repair shop before you need one and to know your rights prior to a problem arising due to a failed repair to your car. As has been stated before, the law can be the ultimate trump card when negotiating an auto repair problem.

[B.A.R. & Washington State

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  1. Hi, my name is Sean I am 18 years old and have just recently gotten very interested in cars. I dont plan on becoming a mechanic, however I would like to gain enouph knowledge to start my own muscle car project in the future. Right now I drive a 1999 honda civic dx, and I try to work on it as much as possible on my own so I can become more handy with cars, esepecially since honda vehicles are fairly simple. I also read as many magazines and articles as I can to gain more knowledge. So I am just looking for some professional advice on how else I can become more car savy and be able to start my own muscle car project in the future. Thanks alot.

  2. i have a 04 kia spectra and the head light, tail lights, power locks, and power window do not work until the car runs for an hour. I change the battary chech every fuse and the relays.

  3. I have a 1999 chevy cavalier rs 2.2 and it died while turning at a light, tuned key of and tried it and it would crank but not start, checked the fuel pump it got good pressure, changed the fuel filter and crank sensor, it getting fuel to the injectors and has got a spark in the plugs, no air or gas coming from the fuel system test port, took the plugs out and cranked it and its got gas blowing out of spark plug hole.. thinking its electrical or the time slipped, im at a lost

  4. This is pretty cool. There is this place that does auto repair in North Vancouver and my son hangs out there a lot because he is starting to get really interested in cars. I would love to learn a bit too so I can relate to him more. Thanks!

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