Today at High Gear Media: Recalls, Drunk Driving, and Charger

August 26, 2010

Toyota's latest recall involves more than a million Corolla sedans and Matrix hatchbacks. It's been long in the works--and Toyota says it's a "voluntary service action." [TheCarConnection]

Stat of the day: we spend almost $100 billion on accidents, from repairing vehicles to repairing people. [TheCarConnection]

Contributing to the problem, are the 1 in 10 of us that confess to drunk driving. Just stop, already. [TheCarConnection]

The 2011 Dodge Charger's been playing headline roulette; today it's on our spy-shot roll in SRT8 form. [MotorAuthority]

Ford and Land Rover are divorced, but it's amicable. Is it amicable enough to see an EcoBoost engine in the 2012 Evoque? [MotorAuthority]

New Nissan GT-R rumors include a rear-drive mode and better launch control. Question: does Godzilla have any more hairs to split? [MotorAuthority]

The 2011 Ford Fiesta is flowing to dealers again, now that a part problem's been resolved. [AllSmallCars]

Talk about economy. Ford's using truck leftovers to stamp Explorer bodies. This makes our day-old pizza look even more shameful. [GreenCarReports]

Nissan thinks you don't know enough about its they're bringing in polar bears. Your move, PETA. [SocialCarNews]

We're a little tired of the lame celebrity cars we've seen lately, but we rarely tire of Jason Statham driving a Lamborghini. [CelebsAndCars]

A 307-mph electric car sounds impossible, but we have proof. Problem: its native Ohio's the worst place ever to speed. [AllCarsElectric]

Can a car with no windows and no doors be safe? We're not going to be the first one to test the theory. [FutureCarReports]

You need to know how to buy a used car. We know the five steps; you'll have to kick in the other seven. [AllCarAdvice]

Car dealers want to be your friends, but so long as you remember they're frenemies, you're totally set. [BestCarBuyingGuide]

Finally, college kids need a little more guidance when shopping for a car. Cliffs Notes? That's a concept they understand. [CollegeCarGuide]

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