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Seatbelt Issue Prompts Recall Of GM Crossovers

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2010 Chevrolet Traverse

2010 Chevrolet Traverse

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Second-row seatbelt recall issue in GM crossovers

Second-row seatbelt recall issue in GM crossovers

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General Motors is recalling several of its popular crossover utility vehicle models for a seatbelt issue. In short, it might result in a seatbelt that looks buckled sliding out of place just when you need it.

The recall affects 243,403 vehicles, including 2009 and 2010 Chevrolet Traverse, Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia, and Saturn Outlook models. They were sold mostly in the U.S., but some are in Canada Mexico, China, Saudi Arabia, and a few other markets.

In some vehicles, the seat trim surrounding the second-row seats might jam against the buckle mechanism, doing some damage if the owner forces the seat upright. Also, the buckle could be forced into a position that pressed the red release button—resulting in a buckle that might appear jammed or one that appears to be latched but isn't.

GM is notifying owners this month of the recall. Dealerships will be reshaping the side trim on the second-row seats for better belt clearance and replacing any damaged buckles.

[General Motors]

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Comments (9)
  1. Hey look at the bright side, this means they are selling vehicles! I still call it a win.

  2. So there's only a problem if you force it? Why should GM have to pay for that?

  3. GM certainly looks out for its customers. Your article cites no injuries or fatalities, just that the seatbelt, "might," appear to be latched when it is not and that the seat trim, "might," jam up against the mechanism. Who doesn't give their seatbelt a little tug once it is latched to ensure the buckle is locked?
    Too bad other manufacturers (Toyota) don't do anything until drivers are injured or killed. I wonder how many owners will even respond to this recall.
    Kudos to your writers for not blowing this out of proportion and writing a balanced, factual article.

  4. It's pretty wild that with all the tech in cars these days they are still working out the kinks on seat belts.

  5. who wears seat belts anyways...

  6. In light of the witch-hunt against Toyota, which had a scattered handful of problems with floormats and a rusty accelerator, every carmaker is being super-extra-careful to recall anything for any reason at any time.
    I'm waiting for the first recall for paint to be replaced because it "shows a higher propensity to chip under certain rough road conditions in specific climates" ....

  7. ---
    Obviously, absent minded passengers are just trying to "blame" the vehicle for their mistakes - people are simply performing "belt-buckle-misapplication".
    No such thing as design defects! Just ask Toyota or their pals at the NHTSA.
    Not the vehicles fault...passengers are simply performing "belt-buckle-misapplication".

  8. This is NOTHING compared to the Toyota TUNDRA and TACOMA recall over bad FRAMES! I dropped the Highlander off today and the shop guy showed me an older Tundra (pre-09 redesign) and the thing was completely pulled apart, a new frame had just been put in, the old one sitting outside the shop.... we are NOT talking about a new bar here or there, we are talking about replacing the ENTIRE FRAME!!! He told me a lady in a Tacoma had the frame snap in 2 after filling her gas tank (did not say if she had a full load in the bed or not).... WOW! I had no idea they had those kinds of problems... talk about worlds apart from seat belts and floor mats!

  9. Agree with Eric, I would have assumed that after a 100 years of building cars, seat belts would be a no-brainer by now.

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