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Top Vehicles For Those Over 6 Feet Tall

I have been test driving several new vehicles and have a problem that many men (and some minority of women) have in terms of functional driving positions and overall "creature comfort".

Those of us who are over 6 feet tall span several generations and few manufacturers' actually design vehicles with us in mind. For the record, I am 6 feet 4 inches and have always had issues with vehicle comfort and safety as it pertains to:

1) Visibility--eye level unobstructed front windshield access, blindspot and mirror usage.

2) Pedal placement--the relative access to accelerator and brake pedals positioned in a way which makes the hip and knee angles comfortable with adequate "leg room".

3) Head room--can I get in and out without hitting my head and once in can I sit comfortably without bending my head and neck into strange positions.

So the idea behind this article is to introduce this concept of the Top Vehicles For Those Over 6 Feet Tall as a series of follow up articles as I continue my journey into new vehicle purchasing. Obviously, there will be people who would have to consider price point, brand affinity, company car leasing options etc.

I am looking at the automotive segments including mid-sized cars, crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks.

Based on current and past vehicles I have owned, here are some recent reviews of these vehicles.

1) Ford Explorer--existing platform--has four doors, driver's door a little short but entry height is good, headroom is good, legroom a little tight, pedals were sort of close to the center console, especially the gas pedal when using winter mats. Visibility was good on all windows and mirrors. I drove mine for seven years and would consider the new one--will review in upcoming posts.

2) GMC Yukon--2xxx series designs--everything was acceptable except the legroom. For a truck that takes up most driveways and parking spots, this one perplexes me. My major beef is the left foot "dead pedal" position, which seems to push back into the cabin by about 3-4 inches beyond where the pedals are. On a long trip, this forces you to shift your hips in the seat to compensate, creating a very sore back. Before considering a GMC SUV or pickup, I would see if they have looked at or rectified this issue. My friend just got a new 2010 GMC Sierra and I will hop in to see if that cabin issue is still there.

Next post I will review my current car and the reason why I am driving it!

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  1. I'm not a 6 feet tall fella, but every time I would have the chance to use my friends truck who happens to be a tree, i do feel like a child.
    So yes, this is a great article. Your size and the size of your vehicle should also be taken into account before buying.
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