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Survey: Luxury-Car Drivers Feel Entitled To Park Illegally

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Well, here's another reason to shoot a disdainful look at the guy in the shiny new luxury car even more as he jostles for an illegal parking space.

Luxury-car owners (such as those of the BMW 7-Series or Mercedes-Benz M-Class) carry a feeling of invulnerability with respect to parking fines—and perhaps entitlement to get out of them. So finds a new survey from the car-lease marketplace

If parked illegally, 72.5 percent of luxury drivers thought that they could get out of a ticket, while just 21.4 percent of SUV or truck drivers thought they'd be able to get out of one.

These results come from a new national survey of more than 2,000 drivers, and comprised of drivers in four distinct vehicle categories. They were polled about the likelihood of getting tickets for various forms of infractions for speeding, red-light running, or illegal parking or u-turns.

But with respect to speeding and most else, it's the opposite; luxury drivers think they're more likely to get a speeding ticket. Of those polled, 63.2 percent thought that they would get a ticket for going 10 mph over the speed limit, while just 28.2 percent of economy-car drivers (of vehicles like the Ford Focus or Chevrolet Cobalt) thought they would. Mid-size car, SUV, and truck drivers fell somewhere in the middle.

Those who drive truly frugal rides have a sense of invulnerability for a different reason, Because they think they blend in with traffic, 15.7 percent of economy-car drivers think that they're least likely to get a red-light ticket. Drivers of luxury vehicles thought themselves more likely to get a ticket for running a red light (62.1 percent), followed by SUV/Truck drivers and those with mid-size cars.


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Comments (9)
  1. I guess it doesn't really matter since they still have to pay the fine and can afford it.

  2. Yeah, I wonder why they think they're more likely to get away with it, or maybe it's more like they simply feel it's not that big a deal if they get a parking ticket.

  3. Yeah, unclear from the article if they don't CARE if they get them 'cause they can pay 'em, or whether they think they're being targeted. Can the author answer?

  4. This is why I always take up three parking spaces in my Accent. It's principle.

  5. I have a luxury car... I keep getting lots of parking tickets, but its not becaz I am negligent... sometimes I just forget to move my car... However I feel luxury car drivers are targeted. When I drove my other car I never got any tickets. Not sure if it is just a coincidence or they really target luxury drivers.

  6. I was eating at Olive Garden over the weekend and I had a great view of the Handicapped parking spots. One after another, vehicles backed in spaces without a handicapped plate or hang tag. They just parked in and jumped out. I saw multiple handicapped people park and across the street and limp over as the spaces were taken. I think this has more to do with lack of moral character than high end cars. We just notice the expensive cars more because it seems like an added insult.

  7. "national survey of more than 2,000 drivers". I think this is far too low to be a truly representative poll.

  8. I often park illegally because I am very busy and don't enjoy parking my car because of its size (Long-wheelbase BMW 7-Series). I drive mostly in crowded city lanes as well and will park in the first easy spot I find. I only seem to get a ticket 10% of the time so it doesn't really bother me. If I got a ticket everytime I parked illegally than I would probably buy a smaller car and look out for parking signs :-) I DON'T park in disable spots, however. I'm still human..

  9. Well, I guess this does help confirm a certain arrogance that I've seen...

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