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Wear Your Seat Belt--Or I’ll Cry

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seatbelt wearer

seatbelt wearer

Maybe it’s the unrelenting heat, maybe it’s the fatty deposits lodged in my brain from eating way too much butter and ice-cream, maybe it’s my meds. Or maybe it’s the fact that I am a sucker for an emotional commercial if done right, and one that I happen to agree with.

I saw a great ad for wearing your seat belt. No, there are many people out there, rabid libertarians or guys who feel they like to cheat death a bit who refuse to wear their seat belts for lame reasons that defy logic. You keep hearing “why should the government tell me what to do!!??” Right, like wearing a seat belt will harm you so badly that your fundamental rights have been harmed. I won’t go into the seat belt compliance stats, you can do that for just about any country, but I did check out the stats seat belt usage my homeland (Canada) and the stats in the USA per state for 2008 and 2009.

Safe to say, Canadians, apart from the madmen in the Yukon and Northwest Territories, where you’re more likely to hit a moose or tree than anything else, are a compliant and prude bunch of drivers. I am not referring to the driving habits of my French Canadian cohorts, which border on the insane, merely the seat belt usage. But the folks in America really run the gamut from compliant to defiant. And where is the most defiant? Toss-up between Wyoming or New Hampshire, where guns are better cared for than people and pets. OK, that was mean.

But if you don’t want to wear your seat belt, then watch this ad, and tell me you are not moved by it. I was almost moved to tears because the kid reminded me of my kids, and what it all means. All you have to do is almost lose someone you love in a car accident once and then you start to see, it’s for your own good. Stop being so egotistical and think of the greater good.

Now enjoy the ad and good night. It’s time for bed.

[Alexander Commercials]

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