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The Top 5 States for Speeders

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Officer with speed gun

Officer with speed gun

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Planning a roadtrip over the long holiday weekend? Here are some things to consider:

1. Are there enough things to do during the day and at night? ("Things" being historic tours, napping, or bikini contests, depending on your point of view.)

2. Are there ample activities for kids? (This is important whether or not you have children.)

3. What's the likelihood that I'm going to nab a speeding ticket?

Yes, believe it or not, some people -- even people we know -- select their vacation spots based on the availability of open road and the absence of law enforcement. And although speeding is a very bad idea, not to mention illegal, if you're the sort of Leadfoot Larry (or Lisa) who wants to blow out the engine in peace, we have a few destinations to suggest.

These come from a recent study conducted by the National Motorists Association, which is, just for the record, a group devoted to libertarian driving laws. (Translation: higher speed limits, no DUI roadblocks, and the elimination of traffic cameras.) No matter how you feel about the organization's politics, though, the data it's collected on traffic ticketing looks solid.

The NMA evaluated all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on a series of 17 fairly straightforward questions like:

  • What is the state's freeway speed limit?
  • Does the state require motorcyclists to wear helmets?
  • Does the state outlaw mobile phone use while driving?
  • Does the state allow radar detectors?

The NMA then analyzed that data and ranked states from worst to best, in terms of "driver-friendliness". Zippy road-trippers should probably avoid places at the top of the list like New Jersey and Ohio, where road blocks and speed traps abound. The five states following here, however, might be just what the doctor ordered:

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Comments (10)
  1. Trapster is a free mobile phone application that alerts drivers to red light cameras, speed cameras, live police, road hazards, etc. It's helpful not only preventing tickets but also getting drivers to slow down and hopefully make them more aware of upcoming ticketing cameras. To get Trapster for free just visit where you can find your specific download link for you mobile device.

  2. As a Montana native and one currently living in Wyoming, I was proud to see my two states make the top 5 in this list! If you're cruising through Wyoming, consider the incredible amount of family-friendly activity available, including horseback riding, wildlife safaris through two national parks, whitewater rafting, hiking, aerial tram rides and more:

  3. Time for some civil disobedience in celebration of Independence Day!

  4. awwwwwriiiiiiiiiiiiiight! For once, USEFUL trip planning info! Hot dawg. Honey, polish up yer helmet & toss the radar detector, we is going speeeeeeeedin!

  5. "dozens of breweries" and driving? Good thing there would be no cops around in Idaho :)

  6. Great, so no helmets or seatbelts, but chat on the phone and crank up the detector warnings? Would like to see some analysis of how lenient state cops are in each state, as that would be more useful by the rest of us who want to go 10 over.

  7. @Stefanie - I'm sure your passenger navigator is the one using that handy Trapster mobile app while you're driving, right? ;)
    "But officer, I wasn't texting . . . I was checking for speed traps!"

  8. @David LOL! Just mount the phone in your car like a tomtom or garmin. It alerts you audibly of upcoming enforcement points and road hazards, even car accidents. No need to hold and/or "text" :)

  9. Looks like it's time to move to Wyoming!

  10. Does this mean I have to start my mountain of mashed potatoes again?

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