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Help! Doug: Can Dealers Legally Advertise Lease Payments Disguised As Car Payments? Page 2

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4) Don't assume all dealers are like the kind of scum you dealt with. The good guys in the auto dealer population also cringe over and despise the same abusive dealers that abuse consumers.

5) If the car in the offer you go to see was "just sold," laugh and walk out the dealership (and don't let anyone coax you back). Do the same if they say "It can't be found" or "It is not yet on the lot" and then try to show you other cars that are "pretty similar."  Manipulative dealers use delectable offers just to get people in the dealership, knowing the desired car would never be available on the days the ad ran. These hucksters of the car profession depend on leaving sold cars in their ads under false pretense, to keep drawing new interested parties to show up, so they can try to sell them other cars that are actually still for sale.   

6) If the fine print on TV is way too small, or pops on and off the screen quicker than anyone could reasonably read and comprehend, don't get tempted; Blow it off and assume the worst of the dealership.Reputable dealers don't bury conditions of their offers in miniscule "mouse-print."

Reputable dealers are maintaining the high standard of only advertising vehicles they actually have in stock, and only advertise those vehicles in a straightforward and legible format.

The reality for me, a Buyer's Agent (because I exclusively for the buyer), as well as for most good dealers, the BBB and the DMV Dealer Investigations Unit is that there will always be "scum of the earth" dealers who thrive on sucker-punching anyone to make a buck. It takes discernment and back-bone, like that you exhibited to walk out if you don't see that kind of sleazy practices being used early, and not look back as you drive away.

For a reader to avoid becoming a victim of such a dealership is key, since there are many unscrupulous dealers who live and breathe the quote of their "patron saint" P.T. Barnum, who knew that "A sucker" (i.e. the vulnerable, naive, gullible, inexperienced or senile senior), "is born every minute."

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