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Less Obama, More Australia: Chatter Versus Macho

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Too much talk, too much chatter, too much blah, blah, blah. Did you see that Obama speech the other night? I didn't. It was about BP Oil, so I skipped it, largely because it's a staged media event to make him look like the Commander In Chief is commanding, somewhat like a chief. Too much talk, too little action. 

So I went trolling the web for laughs, since the oil spill is getting me down, as is work, the general negative state of my bank account and that scratch/dent my wife put on our front bumper. And guess what? I found laughs of an automotive variety. From an unlikely source, no less--Australia. 

It's no surprise that the Aussies are funny. Living in a secluded part of the globe on what amounts to a really big island with massive spiders will limit the gene pool and thus have a big effect on a people. And the result? Lots of great car movies (Mad Max I & II, before Mel Gibson went off the deep end), an insane love for their alcohol--as much as most of us love oxygen, and they play a game called Australian Rules Football that is about as macho as it gets and is fun to watch. 

So it's no surprise that Aussies are the opposite of President Obama--macho, funny and relatively silent. How do I know this? Well, through the miracle of faulty reasoning, I watched three great commercials for the Toyota HiLux, a pickup for guys who like horsepower, and I reasoned that these commercials were the essence of Australian humor and culture. And really darn funny. 

All three have no words, just text (good thing I can read at a 4th grade level) and are really funny. Great ad campaign, especially the one about the cellulite. Enjoy the ads.

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