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Frugal Shopper: Women Prefer Practical, Frugal Cars, Men Don’t?

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When it comes time to purchase a car, men look for bold design statements, sexy sheetmetal, and scorching performance while women—well, women want something practical, economical, and safe, right?

You’d think times would have changed, but it appears not. The pricing intelligence firm TrueCar recently crunched the data—looking at vehicle registrations rather than the purchaser information, to eliminate the idea of household decision-making, and the survey says that women overwhelmingly prefer practical cars and small cars.

Kia ranked highest for female registrations, with nearly 46 percent of female vehicle registrations. Suzuki and MINI both ranked around 44 percent. TrueCar says that safety and value ranked high for all ten of the ten brands with a female ratio over 42 percent, which included Volvo, Subaru, and Hyundai.

Price and value seemed especially important, judging from those top ten brands. Other than for MINI and Subaru, all of these most popular brands with women had a discount of between five and ten percent off MSRP. In tenth place with women, Mitsubishi vehicles were discounted 10.1 percent from MSRP, on average, while 41.5 percent of them were registered to women.

No single brand has more female buyers than male buyers.

Exotic cars and exclusive ultraluxury brands are almost exclusively registered by men. TrueCar found that zero percent of Bugattis were bought by women, while Ferrari, Lamborghini, Tesla, and Aston Martin followed—all with less than ten percent. Specialty sports-car maker Lotus ranked just after these brands, with only ten percent purchased by women.

On a make-model basis, several truck models from GMC, Dodge, and Hummer also ranked near the top among vehicles that were mostly purchased by men.

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Comments (11)
  1. So does it mean women are just generally less enthusiastic?

  2. I know I prefer fast and fun cars to frugal and practical ones. I can take the bus if I want to be frugal and practical.

  3. Not a surprise, women are more practical than men.

  4. I am not shocked-women have always handled money more sensibly than men.

  5. Raise your hand if you're surprised by these findings? I didn't think so. ;)

  6. This is really not surprise. My wife is always informing me how practical she is vs me -- the big dreamer. Oh well.

  7. Would have thought that women would have overcome this image and want to be seen in more daring vehicles. Perhaps playing it safe is more nature than nurture?

  8. Men are Mars, Women are from...

  9. i think the truecar methodology is pretty creative. very bottom line - looking at registrations. while playing into a stereotype, looks like this is one stereotype that has some measure of truth!

  10. It's not a fair comparison - women are less practical than men in other areas, like jewelry, cloths, shoes, furniture, etc.

  11. Long standing rumor is the Subaru Forester is the lesbian car of choice ... or was it the Outback?

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