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Springteq Unveils First Aftermarket HUD Navigation All-In-One Unit

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Springteq WeGo all-in-one HUD navigation unit

Springteq WeGo all-in-one HUD navigation unit

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Springteq WeGo wireless steering-wheel-mounted control unit

Springteq WeGo wireless steering-wheel-mounted control unit

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So you want that fancy integrated OEM heads-up display (HUD) GPS navigation system you saw in your friend's brand-new BMW, but can't afford to trade in your car just yet? Springteq has the solution: the WeGo all-in-one HUD navigation system.

The first of its kind for the aftermarket, the Springteq WeGo offers a virtual image in a HUD display system using the windshield as the medium, much like standard OEM HUDs. But instead of paying a hefty package price on top of a new car, you can just plug the system into any existing vehicle and go. Thanks to its compact size, it shouldn't take up any more dashboard real estate than a standard screen-based GPS system, and it won't obstruct your view as it hangs from the windshield like many do.

Springteq hopes to tap into the strong safety concern with driver distraction with its WeGo device. The company says over 6 million accidents, 3 million injuries and 40,000 deaths each year are caused by inattention. They argue the WeGo helps guard against inattention by keeping the driver's eyes up and on the road even while looking at the projected navigation instructions.

You can keep your hands on the wheel, too, thanks to the included wireless remote that attaches to the steering wheel.

As the video below demonstrates, the system appears to be fairly colorful and clear, though it's difficult to capture the true nature of a HUD system on film. It's due for release sometime in the fourth quarter of 2010. The price hasn't been announced yet, but we'd expect it to sit near or just above the current top-end of the aftermarket nav players, likely priced between $400-600.

[Springteq via Gizmag]

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Comments (15)
  1. Wow! that is cool.

  2. This is really great! I have the hardest time reading my nav and must admit it is a distraction as I try to focus on the arrow, the map, listen to the woman all while trying to drive. I like the ability to just share the nav between drivers, too.

  3. This is awesome. When can I get an in-car combat flight simulator so I can have more fun on my morning commute? Look out, Ice Man . . . Maverick's on your six!

  4. very cool stuff thinking of getting one for my wife who is distracted enough as it is- coolations!!

  5. Now i can be a fighter pilot

  6. this is great. i will be buying this!!

  7. I'm shocked that this is the first of its kind!? This product is great - buying one now haha.

  8. This is getting into some Minority Report level of cool, save for the creepy robot spiders and such.

  9. Video made it look faint. Would have to see it in person before buying...

  10. Video is not that great so have to see in person before buying it. but looks promising....

  11. Well done heads-up displays are a huge safety advance. Drove one in a BMW recently and, wow, it was crisp, clear, color-differentiated, and far easier to glance down and up to see versus refocusing to the middle of the dash and back. This is exciting.

  12. Great idea, probably will propagate to basic-level models within a couple of years.

  13. I hope these will work better than the flood of other electronic items that are coming out of the orient at this time. ie looks good until you use for a month and then the problems start!

  14. The idea behind this is great, but I don't have a lot of trust in aftermarket kits like this...How long before the stuff starts breaking? And isn't it illegal today to attach things to the steering wheel (airbag interference)?

  15. What about an iPhone with Google maps?

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