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Lexus Stops Sales Of GX 460 SUV, After CR Warns About Rollover Risk

2010 Lexus GX 460

2010 Lexus GX 460

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UPDATE: As of later in the day, April 13, the Associated Press is reporting that Toyota will temporarily stop selling the 2010 Lexus GX 460 while it conducts its own testing.

For years, Toyota products earned high marks from Consumer Reports, which in turn led to a reputation for quality and reliability, which in turn led to a dominant sales position in the market.

So it might come as a bit of a shock that for the first time ever, a Toyota product is receiving the influential magazine's "don't buy" warning.

The magazine is warning consumers to stay away from the 2010 Lexus GX 460 because during testing, Consumer Reports editors noticed slow response times from the electronic stability control after lifting their feet off the throttle during hard cornering. Quick lifts of the accelerator while turning can produce oversteer, and the editors had concerns that the oversteer could lead to rollovers.

The magazine doesn't often slap this label on vehicles--the last one to be labeled a "don't buy" was the 2001 Mitsubish Montero Limited.

Consumers have purchased about 5,000 2010 GX 460s, which have been on sale for about three months. The GX shares a platform with the Toyota 4Runner, but that vehicle did not earn the "don't buy" label because its stability control kicked in faster. Consumer Reports speculates that differences in weight and tires could be the reason.

For its part, Lexus released a statement saying that the 2010 GX 460 "meets or exceeds" all federal safety regulations, and that the company will look into the matter.

[Source: Detroit Free Press; AP via Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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Comments (7)
  1. 2010 has been a year of many first for Toyota

  2. Looks like everyone is being a little cautious now when it comes to Toyota.

  3. there seems to be a systemtic problem @ toyota- its no longer about electronic breaks or anything else- this is about Toyota's quality control. Heads need to roll

  4. once again, when it rains it pours. not the best timing for this kind of a report - pretty high end vehicle to be getting smacked around.

  5. Wow... so what's the dealyo with Toyota? Wouldn't they have checked this stuff before sending them out to the public?

  6. Will be curious to see what magic it is that Consumer Reports does to make a vehicle misbehave that Toyota has to have tested up, down, and sideways

  7. I am starting to wonder about Consumer Reports. Right before the initial Toyota recall, they had nothing but glowing praise for Toyotas. Now they are jumping all over Lexus. Trying to restore credibility, perhaps?

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