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Next-Gen Mazda6 Will Get 43-MPG Diesel Model

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Mazda SKY-D diesel four-cylinder engine

Mazda SKY-D diesel four-cylinder engine

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Mazda is going diesel in the U.S. after all, with a new-generation diesel four-cylinder engine capable of achieving up to 43 mpg.

The new diesel engine (SKY-D) and an all-new six-speed automatic transmission will be launched in the U.S. in 2012, in the automaker's "next-generation mid-sized" car—almost certainly the Mazda6.

Compared to the 2.2-liter diesel that Mazda today uses in other markets, the new diesel will achieve 20-percent better fuel economy, with a substantial boost in low- and high-end torque. With its active ceramic diesel particulate filter (DPF), there's no need for urea exhaust treatment.

Mazda says that the next-generation gasoline engine (SKY-G), in 2.0-liter form, will be as fuel-efficient as today's 2.2-liter diesel, with 15 percent more torque than current gasoline engines its size.

With these new engines, Mazda hopes to boost its global fuel economy by 30 percent by 2015, and with pending U.S. fuel economy rules you can be sure that the North American market is a very significant part of that.

Matched to both new engines, when they arrive, will be a new-generation six-speed automatic transmission called SKY-Drive that will play an important role in achieving that 43-mpg rating. Although a hydraulic system, it will offer fast shifts and a feel that's comparable to a dual-clutch automatic, Mazda claims. And according to R&D chief Seita Kanai, the transmission improved fuel economy by up to seven percent versus existing automatics. "No slip means there won't be wasteful heat generation," explained Kanai to last year.


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Comments (5)
  1. Finally!!!!!!! Bring it on the diesel revolution. See what Mazda can do when it is unshackled from Ford (i.e., taking advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself)!

  2. Yes! I think the diesel revolution will be as important as hybridization. It seems like Mazda, Hyundai, Toyota and Honda are just rubbing it in to let the former big three know who is the best. The intense competition is fantastic and buyers benefit.

  3. Hooray
    Hopefully diesel will finally shut some of these holier than thou hybrid fanatics up

  4. This is pretty neat. Things i hope for this engine:
    a) it will be bio diesel friendly. (see
    b) they'll offer it w/ a manual transmission
    c) they'll put it in a wagon.
    d) they'll offer it w/ AWD
    e) all of the above... which would be awesome.
    The Jetta TDI has a wagon w/ a manual, but not so hot on biodiesel and no AWD (yet). Also, well... it's a WV so that doesn't really help it.
    A funny aside, it seems has disabled their contact/email form. All i see is a paragraph about how "Mazda's Customer Assistance Center is currently experiencing an abnormally high volume of emails." and a phone number, but no way to email.

  5. They should have been offering their current diesel in their entire lineup here...*especially* the Mazda5. I sure hope they plan on putting this motor in the next gen Mazda5.....that car is just about the perfect vehicle for a small family and they offer it with a manual trans...which is just great.The 5 is probably 3-400 pounds lighter than a typical 6....that could mean a 45mpg Mazda5 with this a car that can carry 6 passengers.

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