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Our Twitter Crowd Flies Executive, Does Pullups, Doesn't Swear. Who Knew?

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Are these really @CarConnection's Twitter followers?

Are these really @CarConnection's Twitter followers?

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Here at High Gear Media's 80 websites, we write about cars and trucks. Once in a while, we touch on social media--especially as it relates to cars and trucks.

But we've just gotten a tiny glimpse into the minds and habits of the 18,000 people who follow our account, @CarConnection, on Twitter. It comes from a company called Hunch, which has a neat little tool showing Twitter Follower Stats.

It takes survey data Hunch has collected on a large pool of Twitter users, and compares the followers of any one Twitter account to those averages--rating whether the account's users are more or less likely to agree with various statements about themselves.

The results were, ummmmm, sort of startling.

In no particular order, we learned that--compared to the Hunch survey respondents--our average Twitter follower (who is likely male):

  • can do 10 pullups;
  • has flown cross-country on a paid business- or first-class ticket;
  • can't read music;
  • chats up strangers at parties (they call it 'interacting');
  • has a firearm at home;
  • hasn't sworn today, either verbally or in writing, and probably won't;
  • is handy around the house, which is in the suburbs;
  • doesn't want to live in a severe modern loft with exposed beams and girders;
  • prefers fluid and flexible jobs that allow him to take on new tasks; and
  • believes that alien-abduction stories are likely to be real.

Frankly, we're not sure quite what to make of this. But, if you meet 9 out of these 10 criteria ... drop us a line, or write a comment below. We'd love to meet you.

(There were no questions at all about cars, so we have no idea whether our average follower drives a 2010 Ram 1500 pickup truck or a 2010 Toyota Prius.)

Oh, there's one other caveat. The whole thing assumes everyone tells the truth in online surveys.

To which we respond, Yeah, right. Alien abduction stories? Oh really?

[Hunch via TechCrunch]

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