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Toyota Offers Zero-Percent And Free Maintenance To Some Buyers

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2010 Toyota Highlander

2010 Toyota Highlander

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Toyota (NYSE: TM) rolled out an all-new incentive program aimed at jump-starting sales that have slumped due to bruised consumer confidence from the ongoing accelerator-related recalls, the related hearings in Washington D.C., and several other issues and recalls.

The automaker calls the new program "the company's most far-reaching sales program in its history." Customers long loyal to the Toyota brand will be hard-pressed to recall any other time when such offerings were applicable to Toyotas on anything other than model-end clearance programs.

The so-called March Sales Event runs through April 5 and includes financing and leasing deals, plus customer loyalty offers.

Here's what the program includes:

  • Zero-percent financing for up to 60 months. This applies for "qualifying buyers" of the 2010 Toyota Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Matrix, RAV4, Tundra, and Yaris.
  • Low (reduced) lease rates. Also offered through Toyota's captive finance arm, Toyota Financial Services, the company is offering special deals on the 2010 Toyota Venza, Tundra, RAV4, Prius, Matrix, Highlander, Corolla, Camry, and Avalon.
  • Complimentary two-year "premium maintenance" program. With proof that someone in the buyer's household already owns or leases a Toyota, Lexus, or Scion vehicle, Toyota will include all scheduled maintenance,

2010 toyota tundra range 002

2010 toyota tundra range 002

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Toyota has a challenge ahead: to boost its public perception and increase sales in a way that doesn't further affect resale value. Last month we reported that the Toyota recall was already affecting leasing residuals and predicted resale values for most Toyota models, with Automotive Leasing Guide and Kelley Blue Book among the companies adjusting values downward.

Toyota Motor Sales has estimated that its recall issues—including the negative tone of the recent hearings in Washington, D.C.— have cost about 18,000 sales just in February.


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Comments (18)
  1. Sounds like the consumer wins since the other companies will have to compete with this offer.

  2. As they say... "it's better to be young, rich and good looking... and not old, ugly and sick".
    So it's true EVEN in the case of Toyota?
    BTW, what about GM and their nice little recall? It's the new trend now, ahh?

  3. Smart move that Toyota did... I wonder what GM will do with their recall.

  4. My money's on there being an even bigger "sales event" after this one!

  5. I know Toyota is desperate for sales but what about the resale values for existing customers. I think the second-hand market will be much better.

    As for Toyota, if their qualifying buyers are anything like the usual dealership sales practices, none of us real people qualify so forget it.

  7. I kinda can see how shoes might be somehow related to gas pedals...

  8. I bought a 2008 Toyota Tocoma 4 door 4 wheel drive new, and if something happened to it today i would buy another one just like it. Its so far has been the best riding truck i've ever owned.I'll stick with Toyota.

  9. I got a card in the mail for $750 toward a new vehicle or maintenance. I wonder if I can use that toward the plummeting value of my 2010 Corolla?

  10. How unlucky and stupid I feel now!
    I bought a Corolla 2010 on January 22 2010, a day before the big news about Toyota. Full package deal with no incentives. Do I stand a chance to renegotiate a better deal now? Somehow I have a gut feeling that the dealer knew about the bad news because we closed the deal late afternoon on January 22. Any words of advise?

  11. I think you will find that Toytota dealers will go under invoice to move product. Not sure they have a choice

  12. It is natural that the automaker would want to increase its sales due to the controversy it is currently facing. However, people might still think twice before buying Toyota vehicles because of the deaths that were linked to them.

  13. I have owned two fords and one toyota tacoma. There is no comparison I love my tacoma and will stick with toyota from now on.

  14. We bought a 2010 Prius in July of 2009. Already owned a 4Runner and Camry.
    I hope this deal is extended to us as we are loyal Toyota owners and have now suffered through a major repair to our Prius and the brake re-call.
    If this is not offered to us, it's goodby Toyota.

  15. Jeff if you were stupid enough to buy a sh1tty Toyota don't whine about it.LOSER

  16. I plan to buy a Prius I when it arrive later this year.
    Jeff wrote:
    Suffered thrught a major repair on "Prius and the brake recall".
    Can you tell me what major repair was it?
    Is that Prius II? Prius III, Prius IV or Prius V?

  17. I plan to buy a 2010 Prius I.
    Can any one write to me about "suffered throught a major repair to our Prius and the brake re-call"?

  18. I own a 2000 Tacoma with over 300,000 miles on it, over 10 years old. I have owned and driven all others, nothing compares. This truck is amazing, I live at 9,500 feet in the rockies and this truck has been put to the test.Often pushing through bumper deep snow,thick mud, and crawling trails. Still running strong after all these years and i pull a snowmobile trailer quite often.You won't get that from the competition.

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