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Dodge Viper STR-10 ACR-X Coming To a Track Near You

Dodge is taking an opportunity before bidding farewell to the bad boy fave

to make a lighter, tighter, meaner, and not quite street legal Viper.


The Viper STR-10 ACR-X is based on the already scary quick Dodge Viper, but with some significant differences:


First of all, there is about 160 pounds less weight for that legendary engine to propel.

So, score one for the power to weight equation.


Next, that already mega-powered Mopar has been tweaked, so that the 8.4 liter,

ten-cylinder fire breathing monster now produces 640 horsepower versus 600 horsepower on the standard Dodge Viper. This is accomplished with factory headers and a low-restriction exhaust system.


To put this in perspective, think of a 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT-8.

Now picture bumping up its 420 horsepower by 50 % - on a car weighing a good thousand pounds less.


No wonder it eclipsed the Laguna Seca lap time by three seconds compared with the standard issue Viper, which by the way held the production car lap record.

Clocking the 2.28 mile track in 1:31 at the Mazda track means it will be competitive.


Will the suspension allow you to use that power? Yes, as there is additional down force available to keep that power on the track. And speaking of the track, this is a turn-key racer with a roll cage, fuel cell, racing seat and other purpose built modifications.


Your estimated $ 110,000 buys you a vehicle ready and eligible for entry in the Viper Racing League and SCCA and NASA events.  Start saving now as the Spring 2010 release date is coming up soon, and there will be a limited number available.



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