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Kia Drops 2010 Borrego From Lineup, Fate TBD

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2009 Kia Borrego

2009 Kia Borrego

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The Kia Borrego could be a one-year wonder.

The South Korean automaker says the full-size Borrego sport-utility vehicle will not return to the U.S. for the 2010 model year.

The Borrego arrived on the market late in 2008, a victim of poor timing and bad luck. Kia had hoped to sell up to 20,000 Borregos each year, but the U.S. launch coincided with high gas prices and the financial crisis that together, slashed SUV sales to half their 2007 levels.

Kia sold 825 Borregos in November. For 2009 through the end of November, Kia has sold 9,510 Borrego SUVs in the U.S. The Borrego also is sold in its home market as the Mohave, and Korean sales have been more brisk.

While it's been a slow mover on American dealer lots, the Borrego's been relatively well received in the automotive press. TheCarConnection's experts gave the 2009 Borrego a rating of 7.8 out of 10. TCC praised the Borrego's smooth powertrain and expansive interior, while taking issue with its styling and some interior materials. TheCarConnection's Bottom Line: "The Borrego isn’t the type of vehicle that’s especially popular or fashionable at this time, but it’s a home run against the competition," which includes the current Ford Explorer, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Nissan Pathfinder.

Though the Borrego won't be sold as a 2010 model, a Kia spokesman tells us the company could not rule out a future return--leaving its fate "TBD."

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Comments (11)
  1. No surprise there - it was bad timing and BLAND styling that did this SUV in. It looked outdated the moment it was announced.

  2. guess it takes more than a v8 to sell an suv

  3. Maybe Kia can convince soccer moms to drive the Soul so they don't lose out on that demographic.

  4. Good riddance. The less of these road behemoths, the better!

  5. One fewer box on the road.

  6. I agree with most of the above -- though I have a feeling that the much-sexier, snazzier Soul may be too edgy for the gated community set.
    That said, if the loss of the Borrego is the only ding Kia takes this year, they should probably consider themselves lucky.

  7. The Borrego is actually very good at what it does. For anyone who has driven one they know it's smooth, comfy, refined and powerful. It also comes in at a great price for it's segment...unfortunately that segment no longer exists.

  8. Foltz nailed it. A large body-on-frame SUV is not what the market or the world needed. For the people who need one, GM and Ford dominate that category. Kia should stick to doing what it does best: provide small, increasingly stylish and well-equipped, and INEXPENSIVE cars.

  9. That's right, there's no way that anybody would need a useful vehicle that can fit over 6 people, tow their trailer and go off-road. Oh, no wait, there's lots of people that could use a utility vehicle, just not the majority. They would have had a chance if they introduced the diesel in North America, but they blew it.

  10. This is terrible news! The Kia Borrego FCEV is a great hydrogen vehicle: with the fuel cell stack and electric motor combined power of 225 kW. It's a shame it won't hit the market!
    If you're interested in fuel cells check out this great website with hundreds of case studies on emerging green technologies and alternative energies: It has the largest b2b green directory on the web and lots of sustainability white papers.

  11. I bought the borrego, 2wd v6, and i am very happy with it. smooth quiet, lots of room, still fits in garage. Milage fair better then epa says. Bad advertising I did not know it existed until a month ago. Keep selling it in 2010 and advertise.

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