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So, how's the fit?  The G sedan doesn't offer quite the amount of legroom you'll find in the CTS, or even #3 on the list, but it will still accommodate a large driver as well as, or better than, some cars with a larger wheelbase.  Headroom and visibility are both still very good.  Let's just say if you're a little less than 6'9" tall, it will be just perfect.  Some improvements have been made to the ergonomics of the controls (seat adjustment switch location) and the overall look of the center console is less confusing than other luxury cars. Buttons near the display are still at an odd angle though, and might take time to adjust to.

Ok, what's not to like?  The best performing V-6 won't return impressive fuel economy.  Anyone who doesn't drive a G37 might prefer to see the ego booster comment here.

Audi A4

European style, precise fit, the best quality materials: like a perfectly tailored dress shirt.

The A4 takes the cake in the luxury interior category.  Made with top notch materials and precision, attention to detail, it has just the right amount of room in all the right directions.  The new A4 is definitely an attention grabber with its aggressive yet familiar exterior styling, and even demonstrates some real practicality.

What makes it fun?  The A4 won't match the performance of the others when it comes to straight line acceleration (starting with the 2010 model, the only engine option is the 2.0L turbocharged inline 4-cylinder).  However, the A4 gives its driver confidence on the road with its rally proven 2.0T Quattro engine and drivetrain combo.  Get the A4 with a 6-speed transmission, or the popular Tiptronic automatic, which still allows for manual gear selection, sans the third pedal.  Before you count the A4 out, don't forget that it too has a more aggressive (more expensive) sibling: the S4.  It packs a 3.0L supercharged V6 with 333 hp and 325 ft-lbs of torque.  Don't think that sounds fun?  Good luck cramming yourself into an M3.

So, how's the fit? - Before the test drive I was desperately hoping the A4 would accommodate my size, even if not perfectly.  Well I dare say it does so quite perfectly.  With the seat at it's deepest and lowest position, head and leg room are plenty.  Driving and accessory controls make sense for the most part, and ride comfort is amazing.  Road noise was barely noticeable.  The A4 is a very pleasant car for a tall fellow to drive, no sacrifices, no compromises. As expected, the Audi offers a competitive lineup of technology, comfort, and entertainment options if you've got the cash.  If you can find one, the Avant is the A4 in wagon form.  A wagon can be fun, in my opinion.

Ok, what's not to like? - You won't be blown away by the straight line performance of the 2.0T (read: don't expect to beat drivers of #1 or #2 in a stop light drag race).  Although the A4 has a lower base price than 1 & 2, adding options may quickly remove it from your acceptable price range.

Ford Fusion

It's like riding a really light, smooth, fast bicycle without all the goofy, awkward seatpost and handlebar extensions.

Redesigned for 2010 and award winning, the Ford Fusion is proof that America can produce a reliable, competitive midsize sedan, make it fun to drive, yet practical and affordable.  The Fusion lineup includes economic versions with 4-cylinder options, a hybrid, and a couple of models equipped to perform and entertain.  The Fusion will appeal to anyone looking for a practical daily driver that stands out from some of the mundane options in its category, but doesn't come with an ugly price tag.

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Comments (8)
  1. Great post! I love the new CTS. Very slick and VERY fast in the V package.

  2. Ok - I just checked out the A4 at the Chicago AutoShow and I didn't have plenty of room in the car and I am 6'3". I don't know how you had plenty of head room since you mentioned you were 6'9" tall.
    You should check out the VW GTI (or VW Golf) they give you way more head room.

  3. I'm only 6'7" but I didn't like the fusion, my knee was pushed against the dash. Perhaps you're a skinny 6'9", so my wide load makes it harder for me, or maybe you're all torso or something. The 07+ Nissan Altima is also good, though I hear they might have changed the interior since they came out. Lots more room for your right leg than other cars.
    I will say that the A4 is quite comfortable, as is the similar (and cheaper) VW CC. And speaking of the Infiniti G37, I hear that the '03-'04 G35 has more space than after they redesigned it, and can be found for 9k.
    They changed them in 04, but if you need a vast amount of space, the 1997-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix has more legroom than any car I've ever driven. Decent mileage and power in the GTP, weak handling tho.
    The Golf is good on head room, but it could have a bit more leg room, it's on par with the fusion for space, not quite good enough for me, but fine for most.
    Mini Cooper would be perfect if the steering wheel telescoped, my arms are almost locked while driving it. Otherwise a great car!

  4. This article is not true. The only truly spacious vehicle's on this list are the saab and the cts. I am 6'2 and I am a valet parker. Ive driven all these cars before. The A4 was ok, just like a BMW but smaller when it comes to seating, the seats are kind of small for me . The G37 is crap, with the chair all the way back my head was about an inch from the roof, and my legs were bent above the steering wheel. The fusion is like the audi, nothing special I guess there is some room.

  5. I have never driven an A4 but I've sat in one okay but the seats are a bit too narrow. Maybe if I was a very skinny 6'3"....

    I have never been in a G37 either but I watched a review on youtube and the reviewer said he is 6 feet tall and his head was hitting the roof and he made sure to point out if he was an inch or two taller, he's have to sit with his head sideways.

    I am quite pleased with the amount of room up front in the 2008 and newer CTS though!

  6. I finally got to try a G37. I'm a short 6'3" and I had plenty of room in the G37 but I had two major problems with the car:

    #1: The seat was too short for me. My head hit the headrest, but the gap between the top of the seat and headrest was pretty ackward.

    #2: I know this is a safety feature that's supposed to push the headrest forward if your back hits the seat to prevent whiplash, but when I lean back on the headrest, the bars of the headrest dig into my back. It's very annoying and just feels cheap and if the seats broke multiple times, I would not be surprised in the slightest.

    That said, the G37 is far better than most cars -- my head doesn't hit the roof, my legs don't hit the dash, and I can see overhead redlights.

  7. I'm 6'6", and love quick, sporty cars. My last and current is a 2009 Mazda Speed 3--a good handling rocket with plenty of room for tall drivers, and for stuff to haul (like 3 to 4 golf bags). My all time favorite was a 1989 Porsche 944Turbo--lots of room, and a great car for the back roads and track.

  8. True story -- I learned to drive in a Volvo 740 which while it is a "large" midsize car on the outside, is pretty tiny in the inside. I could see better by sticking my head out the sunroof (usually with assistance from sitting on a pillow) than I could by trying to duck down and see through the windshield.

    A few years later, my sister had a Volvo 240. She once offered to teach me how to drive stick, but I could not get my feet to the floor.

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