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New York State Backs Down, New License Plates May Be Free

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New license plate design to be issued by New York State in 2010

New license plate design to be issued by New York State in 2010

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Last week we wrote about New York State's plan to issue new license plates, ostensibly to replace old ones whose reflective material may have worn off.

The new and clearly retro design was meant to evoke the bright yellow plates used from 1973 to 1986. But in reality, the sole purpose of the $25 new-plate fee (plus an additional $20 for owners to retain existing numbers) was purely to raise revenue.

Now, after more than 100,000 New Yorkers added their signatures to the protest website, the state has backed down. Somewhat.

Last Sunday, Governor David Patterson said he would drop his support for the plan if legislators work with him to generate an equivalent amount of new state revenue--in this case, $129 million--from other sources to address the state's massive budget deficit.

And leaders of both houses of state government, the Senate and the Assembly, vowed to repeal the new fees before April 1, when they were to take effect.

In other words, when we predicted that New Yorkers would "will pay the money and mount their new plates while grumbling about it" ... we were wrong. Chalk up one for beleaguered car owners in the Empire State.

[The New York Times, New York State DMV press release and FAQs]

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Comments (2)
    1. For the Last Few Weeks Western Upstate Republicans have been protesting the new plate.
    Saying "This will burden upstate residents because the people up here have four cars per household and people in the New York Metro Area can take The Long Island Railroad, Metro North, New York City Subway "This is not true - Most families on Long Island have between three or five cars as well and we pay 50 dollar surcharge on our Registration for the MTA, 20 dollar surcharge on our license for the MTA and 37 dollars New York State Inspection compared to 21 upstate and we pay way more in property taxes. The Governor of New York State said if the Legislator can find new ways to close the budget then he will remove the plate idea, but what really is going to happen?
    2. Yes, you will have pay for the license plates 25 dollars a set, and what the western upstate republicans want to do is scrap the new plate idea and keep the current plates. Sounds good right? Wrong, What the western upstate republicans want to do is FIRE/REMOVE New York City police officers, CLOSE New York City Firehouses CUT school aid, in turn would mean higher property taxes. WHAT ARE THEY NOT TELLING YOU......THAT NEW YORK STATE LAW REQUIRES NEW LICENSE PLATES EVERY TEN YEARS, WHICH WOULD MEAN THAT IN 2011 YOU WOULD BE REQUIRED TO BUY NEW PLATES. THE GOVERNOR SAID WE MOVED THE PLATES UP A YEAR SO WE WOULD NOT HAVE TO CUT PROGRAMS AND GET THE REVENUE THAT WAY. SO YOU WILL BE GETTING NEW PLATES EITHER WAY IN 2010 OR IN 2011 AFTER YOU RE-ELECT PEOPLE WHO ARE LYING TO YOU.
    3. Why are the western upstate republicans doing this? Why are the upstate county clerks doing this? So they can win your vote in 2010. Then make you buy the plates in 2011 after they win re-election.
    4. The Answer is simple keep the plate program, we do not want programs cut and then still have to get a new plate in 2011. We do not want our property taxes to go up anymore on Long Island.
    5. Call or E-mail your State Senator, Assembly Person and tell them you support the plate program because of these reasons and you are not blind to what is going on. Call or E-mail Before they cancel the program. New Plates also keep people off the road who do not have insurance.

    What should be done is: If you are getting replacement plates for your current Empire Blue plates you should charge the old rate of 15.00 dollars. For NEW Registration transactions at DMV offices charge 30.00 dollars after April 1, 2010 when issuing the new Empire State Gold Plate.
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    Bad stuff?

  2. These new "retro" plates are ugly. I don't care about the money, I just don't want to put such ugly plates on my nice car! Screw Albany and their ugly plates!
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