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New Chrysler Logo Leaked, Approved By U.S. Patent Office

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Logo for the Chrysler Group, LLC

Logo for the Chrysler Group, LLC

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Today's the Big Day for the Chrysler Group, LLC: the day Sergio Marchionne unveils the new company's five-year recovery plan. Of course, like any CEO worth his bespoke suit, Marchionne understands the importance of being dressed to make a good first impression, so Chrysler has been given a sleek new logo (which has naturally leaked to the interweb before its official debut). The new marque is similar to one already adorning Chrysler vehicles, but like the company itself, it's leaner and more streamlined. As soon as we have details about company's strategic plan, we'll let you know if there's any substance beneath the companies new stylish face. [Freep]

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