Ford Hybrids Lead Sales, Dodge Rams Aren't Sheep: Today's Car News

October 14, 2009

Cheap is the new black, or so we're told--luxury-car buyers are opting for less features and lower prices as we begin to pull out of phase one of the Great Recession. [Automotive News, sub. req'd.]

There's no MultiAir V-8 in the works for the Alfa Romeo brand, despite its new kinship with the Dodge boys. However, if you see a "General Lee" Milano, all bets are off. [Autoblog]

Audi's shown its electric "e-tron" roadster, in all its non-Disney glory. What's it going to call it, when it rolls silently on the streets of Ingolstadt? "R4," or so they say. [eGMCarTech]

Ford swears it's true: the huge 4.5-million vehicle recall for fire hazards will be the last. Buy now and get Toyota floor mats for free? Where's Billy Mays when you need him? [AutoWeek]

Chrysler says buyers of the Dodge Ram HD aren't "sheep." Which begs the question, what do ewe think? []

So, Atlanta wants to become the most mapped city on the planet. If any of you show up at our East Coast HQ as a result, we're totally suing Google. [Fast Company]

You want this: the 2010 Porsche calendar's coming to newsstands soon, and it's chock-full of Panamera goodness. It's also told from the driver's perspective, so expect lots of 175-mph boasts and lots of pegged needles filling the frame. [ZerCustoms]

The 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG cannot fly, despite the gullwing doors. So, how did one land on the Benz museum roof in Stuttgart? The Beeb knows. [BBC]

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