More Audi A1 Details, Subaru SVX Redux: Today's Car News

October 13, 2009

While Subaru preps for a Tokyo Motor Show intro of its new coupe, there's word that its Hybrid Tourer concept is a thinly veiled future car along the lines of the old Subaru SVX. A car that needed replacing? We're not so sure. [AutoExpress]

The Audi A1 won't simply be a hatchback when it's unveiled next year--there's word of more variants, including a possible crossover and a potential wagon version, too. [WCF]

Before you get all excited about the prospect, there's no such thing as a coupe version of the 2011 Hyundai Sonata. [Autoblog]

Ford's struck a deal with the United Auto Workers that gives it a new deal closer to the one held by General Motors and Chrysler. It's as good as it gets unless Ford takes a trip through Chapter 11, which isn't expected to happen anytime soon. [Automotive News, sub. req'd.]

General Motors will close the deal and hand over Opel to Magna this week, giving it even more leeway to apply for electric-car loans and to file an IPO sometime next year. [Autocar]

Energy titans are trying to wed the country's three largest electricity grids, which could give a major boost to plug-in hybrids nationwide. [Wall Street Journal, sub. req'd.]

Former Tesla exec Michael van der Sande is headed to Aston Martin to head up commercial efforts. Not those commercials--the other kind. [Automotive News, sub. req'd.]

Lamborghini's connected with VW Credit and can now write loans for buyers of its Murcielago Coupe and Roadster. Because what everyone wants right now is a $5,000 monthly note. [PRNewswire]

Ford's studying its colors--and Cincinnati buyers want red, while Philadelphia shoppers like blue. Detroits, what say you? White, to match the coming winter? Done. [MSNBC]

Your iPhone can now control just about everything: the weather, your love life, and now, the ignition to your car. Viper's SmartStart is either very cool, or a further sign of the electronic apocalypse. [PRNewswire]

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