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16 Things You Never Knew About the Automobile

16 Things You Never Knew About the Automobile

16 Things You Never Knew About the Automobile

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TheCarConnection's readers are a pretty smart bunch. What you know about cars might not fit in an encyclopedia--or even Wikipedia.

But for more casual fans and car shoppers, there's plenty to know and learn about cars. Not just the facts, man--like how to change your oil, or why diesels make more sense than hybrids--but cool trivia bits that will impress and confound your friends.

Did you know someone actually swapped out an engine in a Ford 42 seconds? Or that most car horns beep in the key of F? Or that it would take about 157 days to drive to the moon at 60 mph?

You do now. Take in the infographic here and learn 16 things you never knew about the automobile. And thank USA Today for turning the world onto pretty pictures with words, while you're at it.


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Comments (13)
  1. Don't know if they were made by Motorola or not, but you could actually get a dash-mounted record player on certain GM models in the 1950s.

  2. Can you start a car with pure vodka? I'm sure that some people around the world tried it.

  3. Awesome. This should be in poster form. Is it?

  4. Reminds me of a line from the Producers--"I, for one, for instance, never realized, that the Third Reich--meant Germany."

  5. If this comes in a poster, I would love one!

  6. Wonder what happened to that first speeding ticket - I'm sure that it would worth a fortune today as a collectors item, much more than the fine payed - IF someone was smart enough to keep it...
    I just love infographics!

  7. driving speed 12 miles per hour - really impressive :)

  8. Now I want to go to Switzerland just to slam my car door.

  9. Now I want to go to Switzerland just to slam my car door.

  10. this is really interesting stuff. love the use of vodka as fuel. thanks for this.

  11. i want this graphic as a poster-an absolute classic- where can i find Al capones limo??

  12. can't image a jostick instead of steering wheel.
    Is it true about the parking brakes adding years of life?

  13. pretty cool, although the Motorola quote is wrong (I worked there). They used Motor + Victrola (the most popular phonographs) to get Motorola...

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