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Crossing Fingers For The Pontiac G8

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2009 Pontiac G8

2009 Pontiac G8

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Pontiac G8 fans--and we know there are a few of you--keep pitching those pennies down the wishing well: the G8 isn't dead yet.

Yes, the Pontiac brand is still being phased out. And yes, GM's CEO Fritz Henderson has said flat-out that the Pontiac G8 GXP edition is a goner. However, General Motors' new product frontman, Tom Stephens, has indicated that the mainstream Pontiac G8 is still being discussed in GM's halls and war rooms. Clearly, Stephens and others understand how rabid the car's fan base is, and given the General's, um, financial predicament, the company is hardly in a position to turn away eager buyers. The problem would seem to be a matter of fitting the G8 into the current GM lineup. As Stephens put it: "Chevrolet already has several sedans. How many sedans do you need to cover the waterfront?" Touche.

For the moment, that's all we have to report. However, the simple fact that one of GM's key higher-ups is still talking about the G8 should be great news to performance fans. Since the Pontiac G8 is manufactured by GM's Holden subsidiary in Australia, there's still a dim, dusty ray of hope that the vehicle could be rebadged and slotted into the GM lineup.

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