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2011 Ford Focus: Bummer, We Won't Get Focus RS!

2010 Ford Focus RS (European edition)

2010 Ford Focus RS (European edition)

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Ford Motor Company is punching its way through these tough current times. Good things are on the horizon, which is important as the company cannot rely solely on the 2010 Mustang, 2009 F-150, and the all-new 2010 Taurus for its survival.

Ford's smaller cars are getting the boost they need from the 2011 Ford Fiesta and 2011 Ford Focus, both all new cars for our market. We'll continue to bring you news about these new cars as it becomes available, but in the meantime, Britain's AUTOCAR interviewed Jost Capito. Capito told the publication that the fabulous high-performance Focus RS won't be offered in the U.S. market in its current form.


2010 Ford Focus RS (European Edition)

2010 Ford Focus RS (European Edition)

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The current Focus RS is a ferocious hot hatch with a turbocharged  305-horsepower 2.5-liter inline five-cylinder engine. It is just the kind of performance car the U.S. need to convince this country's enthusiasts that there is performance even with strict carbon emission regulations the likes we're now living under.  Capito, responsible for the development of the current generation Focus RS said, "We'd like to, but the base car isn't homologated for North America and that's too costly a job to carry out just for a niche vehicle like the RS."

Thankfully, Capito didn't say that a next-generation-based Focus RS is out of the cards. Hope springs eternal.

We've requested an interview with Capito to get the whole story on the new Focus, and on other products that may come out of Capito's group - one that manages the development of high-performance vehicles for Ford on a global scale.


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Comments (2)
  1. "And that..." why Ford is destined to fail. Regardless of how they are doing currently compared to the other two NA guys.
    They are still not listening to what their customers want...they are telling the customers what they want. Bring over the hot hatch. I think the whole negative hatchback/wagon perception thing is so over-rated. Ford NEEDS a car like that. Even if it's not going to be a massive seller like the standard Focus, it needs to be in the lineup.
    Ford has nothing to compete with the STI's and Evo's. Get your head in the game Ford...geez

  2. homologated for North America
    OK, I'll bite, what does this mean? It doesn't have air bags?, or seat belts? or 5 mile per hour bumpers? I can't see any reason, other than cutting into the sales of the Mustang, or the Focus SE or something, why they can't bring this to the USA. That 5 cylinder Volvo engine would be a nice feature to cut into the Mazda # and Subaru WRX guys. Ford has been doing a lot of nice things as of late. Me, being a died in the wool Mopar guy for most of my life, and I am even thinking Ford. Plus, they are making money on their own, not taking hand outs from Obama and friends.
    Government Motors, or GM for the novices, runs ads cutting down Honda and Toyota. Ford sells it's cars, not cutting down the others, even though they could. Keep that up Ford. The Mustang V6, and the new GT are some good things, but the Focus RS would really make the line up and would bring more sales from Europe and Japan. And, in closing, who says that Hatchbacks don't sell in this country? If that bothers you all so much, look at the VW GTI or Mini Cooper. Seems to me that they are doing a great job in selling hot hatchs, and I didn't even mention BMW.

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