Link Love From The Car Connection: Spoiler Alert, Giant Cigarette Motorbike, And What's Up With That Prius Commercial Anyway?

May 21, 2009

Spoiled rotten -- We don't agree on much here at Stalag TCC, but we're pretty much all onboard with the idea that spoilers are awesome. Except when they're not. High five, bro! [Oddee via Rick, Bill, John, et al]

Give it up -- Hey, Lee Iacocca! Chrysler called. They want their car back. No, seriously: they want their freakin' car back. Now. [NYTimes]

More rodents behind the wheel -- You know what sucks? When your car catches on fire. What sucks more? When that car's a Ferrari and you're still in it, 'cause you just bought the damn thing half an hour ago. True story. Rats have been blamed. [MotorAuthority]

Payroll harmony -- You know what doesn't suck? Being able to hire a kick-ass Japanese director and a small arts conservatory worth of designers, editors, grips, gaffers, best boys, dancers, and actors to film one 30-second car commercial during one of the worst economic downturns the world has seen in a century. But hey, that's what Toyota's here for, right? Keeping the world employed with Prius ads. [AllAboutPrius]

Smokin' somethin' -- Apparently, India recently banned smoking in public places. Apparently, someone is such a fan of the ban that be built a motorbike shaped like a that people would not be fascinated with the awesomeness of giant cigarettes? [AutoMotto]

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