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2010 Camaro Shows Disconnect Between Main St. and Pennsylvania Ave.

2010 Camaros Dallas

2010 Camaros Dallas

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The Financial Times ran a short story (mostly devoid of hard facts) that pointed out supposed the discontentment of Washington bureaucrats with the success of the performance-oriented 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. So far, we haven't seen any direct statements from specific politicians that condemn the Camaro's success, but we suspect that there are those at GM who are worried.

Here's the logic; bureaucrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi know what you should drive, and it's something like a Toyota Prius. Congresswoman Pelosi, President Obama, and others in Washington have passed reguations to ensure this future (see some analysis here).

Still following? Now that GM is owned by the government, those still employed at GM could actually be worried about the success of the new Camaro because it's not a Prius.

We contacted Chevrolet PR to ask whether they had heard about any pressure from D.C. The answer was no, but if Washington did complain, GM would respond by noting that the V-6 Camaro does get 29 mpg on the highway. (Check out our review of the 2010 Camaro here, and read about how it achieves its class-leading efficiency.)

Currently, GM reports having 18,000 orders for the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. At this point, approximately 65-percent of those orders are for the V-8 Camaro SS (25 mpg highway). As time goes on, Chevrolet expects the mix of V-8 to V-6 engines to shift toward the V-6, with the average coming in at about 60-percent V-6.

While the Financial Times article may have been vapid, it does touch on the general disconnect between Washington and Home Town, U.S.A.; Americans like what they like, regardless of what politicians think they should like. Frankly, I think this is a great American trait, and besides, it's one of those national character things that makes us different from the Canadians.

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Comments (2)
  1. "Ouch!"

    You may slag our red-headed stepchildren up north, but Canadians are actually smarter, funnier and more hardworking versions of ourselves. And besides, we're getting nationalized healthcare soon so we, too, can wait 8 months for a doctor appointment. I can't wait to be oot and aboot in my tuque, eh? But back to the Camaro. If Team O doesn't want a gas tax, the next option would be to tax V8's, kind of an gas guzzler "adder" on the monroney, to boost dealer margins and discourage Americans from being, well, American. Additional tangent: I'd like to see what Chip Foose can do with the husk of a Prius--fins, blower, the works.

  2. "Alternative Energy Engineer"

    I heard an interesting comment from a French Journalist on Tuesday May 19 while being interviewed by an NPR corespondent. The Journalist said that instead of making a cookie-cutter small economy cars, American car companies will be successful here and overseas by creating those icon Autos that they are known for except with a twist--using new technology to achieve performance with fuel economy and low emissions. Ford is doing that now with their EcoBoost engines. Ford is now the maverick company who made that right decisions at the right time, much like Southwest Airlines hedging fuel futures. Now they can lead the way with independent thinking because the Government isn't pulling the strings. GM even with its heavily blotted bureaucracy, also showed engineering prowess with the EV1 and this new Camaro with the award winning Cadillac CTS 3.6L V6. By cutting out a lot of overhead and slimming down, GM may have a chance, if the government will let them.

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