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European Spammer Takes Ford Phishing

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Spam isn't usually a TCC concern. We have faith that most of our readers have toughened over the years, becoming bitter, jaded husks of human beings who love nothing more than deleting get-rich-quick emails from distant Nigerian relatives. And that's why we love you.

But when internet hoaxes affects car buyers, the spammers make it our concern. Case in point: a new email ploy from European operatives that offers recipients the chance to buy a cut-rate Ford Fusion Hybrid. The clever part is that the Fusion's price is still high enough to be believable: $15,500. According to Ford's less-than-user-friendly website, that's nearly $12,000 below the Fusion's $27,270 starting price--which is a steep discount, but $15,500 is still high enough to keep the deal out of too-good-to-be-true territory. Making the email even more believable is the rationale offered for the cut: "The United States Government has given us the opportunity to bounce back on our feet." Sounds like it was written by someone almost fluent in English, but only almost.

No word on whether recipients are asked to cough up dough, but we do know that they're told to fill out an application--presumably one that needs lots of personal data, like their mom's maiden name and the PIN for their debit card. But of course, you'd never be silly enough to follow through with that, would you? For a Ford Fusion Hybrid? Nah.

[source: Freep]

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