Link Love From The Car Connection: MINI Es Arrive, Beetle Up For Bid, And Making Your Car Look Like A Golf Ball Won't Help (Much)

May 12, 2009
PAL-V rendering

PAL-V rendering

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Love/hate -- Around the TCC offices, car lust is common. (As it should be.) But never has a vehicle inspired such mixed emotions as the VW Beetle you see to your left, which has been tricked out with a suicide door on the passenger side that's either awesome or atrocious, depending on your point of view. Someone better buy it soon, before a schism breaks out. [eBay via Carscoop]

Follow through -- Remember back in January when we told you about SkinzWraps and their FastSkinz applique that promised to (a) make your car look like a golf ball and (b) improve your car's fuel efficiency by 18% - 20%? We suggested they test the product in a lab. Someone did. [PopularMechanics]

Zap car -- The all-electric MINI E is finally here, and BMW held a pep rally in LA to celebrate. Owners are happy that the wait is over. BMW is happy that owners are shelling out $850 a month to least 'em. [LATimes]

Gray Lady gets catty -- According to reports, the debut of the PAL-V flying car/copter was pretty underwhelming. And to be fair, the final product looks nothing like the kick-ass rendering above. But, hey, at least the story generated an unusually snarky lede from the New York Times: "Maybe it’s fitting that the Netherlands — a country known for windmills and lax drug laws — is the birthplace of the PAL-V flying-car concept...." Ouch. If you don't mind listening to a few minutes of Dutch, here's a clip of the real PAL-V in action. [NYTimes]

Kid car -- In other news of the weird and awesome: ladies and gentlemen, we present the world's smallest car. Note the wind-up key on the back--not unlike the one we welded to our last intern's Karmann Ghia. Sweet. [KickingTires]

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