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Your Daily Chrysler Fix: Just The High Points

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There are so many stories about Chrysler buzzing across the interwebz that we could never cover them all in depth. Instead, we're going to bring you up to speed with tasty, soundbite-sized recaps of the bigger pentastar items. Read on, well-informed citizen:

Bizarroworld Economics -- You know what's crazy? The fact that Chrysler isn't likely to repay the $4.5 billion in bailout loans it took from the U.S. and Canada. You know what's really crazy? After Chrysler and Fiat are officially hitched, the company will get $6 billion more. Did we completely sleep through Econ 101, or has Chrysler seriously misunderstood the concept of "loans". [DetNews]

Caught in the Crossfire -- Chrysler pissed off most of middle America by asking for bailout dollars. It's frustrated the governments of Canada and America (see above). And of course, the company has also made creditors very, very angry, indeed--something about said creditors taking a loss on nearly $5 billion they loaned to Chrysler. The creditors have whined about it for some time, and now they're getting death threats. So either (a) Chrysler fans need to lay off the Sopranos re-runs, or (b) someone must really like his Town and Country. [DetNews]

Wheeling and dealing -- Later today, Chrysler will likely announce a new dealer incentive program. That may generate more sales on the lot, but will it generate any cash? [CNN]

Fix it again, Tony -- Just to add insult to injury, J. D. Power has released customer satisfaction rankings for autos in the U.K. Of the 28 makes on the survey, Fiat clocked in at...28. Dead last. Hey, Chrysler: ever see that movie, Runaway Bride? Y'know, just a suggestion. [MotorAuthority]

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