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Link Love From The Car Connection: Electric Bikes, iPhone Fun, And Gigolo Becomes Butt Of Soap-Dropping Jokes

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Zoomi Monterey Electric Bicycle

Zoomi Monterey Electric Bicycle

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  • Well, there's always Michael Moore -- Fellow PBS fans, the Big Three meltdown has a nasty surprise in store: to cut back on expenses, GM will no longer fund the films of Ken Burns. We understand the rationale; we just wish M. Night Shyamalan's backers would make the same move. Like, yesterday. [Detnews]
  • Is this green enough? -- The folks at ZoomiWorld have unveiled the Zoomi Monterey Electric Bicycle, at a price of roughly $1500 a pop. Ordinarily, we wouldn't spend too much time looking at a bike that's almost as much as a really cheap car, but somehow, this looks a lot safer. [ZoomiLife]
  • Apple will own us all -- iPhone users have another reason to get preachy: a company called UIEvolution is set to debut some new technology the CTIA Wireless trade show this April. The company's MyCar telematics software connects your vehicle to your iPhone or other portable device, essentially turning your cellie into a remote control and letting you start the engine, check your tires, and plan your commute--all from the convenience of your breakfast nook. Not that anyone has time for breakfast these days, much less sitting around in nooks. [Autoweek]
  • BMW heiress successfully sues her gigolo -- Good news for BMW stockholder and prostitution enthusiast Susanne Klatten: in a follow-up to the story we brought you yesterday, it appears that a German court has sentenced Klatten's former by-the-hour bedmate to six years in prison for extortion. On the upside, we're sure he'll have plenty of customers where he's going. [Edmunds]
  • Dumbing down -- The New York Times has dug up a couple of interesting stories about driving in Saudi Arabia--which is apparently a high-octane kind of place. The best bit, though, is author Richard Chang's definition of "drifting" as "the practice of sliding sideways". Which is possibly the most hilarious understatement we've seen in weeks. [NYTimes]
  • The meltdown, in words -- On a serious note, the Free Press took to the streets with a video camera and asked Detroiters what they'd say to Obama's auto industry task force, who are in the Motor City this week. Here are the results. (Don't miss the chart at the bottom of the Freep page, which boasts some gut-wrenching stats, including this one: average home prices in Wayne County plummeted from over $106k in 2006 to under $29k today. Ack.) [Freep]:

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Comments (4)
  1. "Electric Bikes"

    The Zoomi is cool. If you like cruiser style electric bikes, check out the Pedego Comfort Cruiser.

  2. "Detroit meltdown"

    The property values in Wayne County as reported at are badly skewed because the median is dragged downward dramatically by the only city that saw a real estate "boom" in 2008: Detroit, where speculators have being buying up huge amounts of property for pennies on the dollar. Exclude Detroit and the rest of the county saw the kinds of declines shown for neighboring Oakland and Macomb: really bad, but not anything like 70 percent declines.

  3. "Thanks!"

    @ebikelover: Thanks for the tip. Electric bikes admittedly aren't our field, so the Pedego info is interesting. Curious that it clocks in at the same price point as the Zoomi:
    @Kevin: Thanks for the insight. We'll sleep easier tonight--well, you know, slightly easier.

  4. "Apple Iphone"

    What happened to phones that just make phone calls? I miss those.

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