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TH!NK Thinks 112-Mile Range, 62 mph Max Will Resonate in U.S.

2007 TH!NK

2007 TH!NK

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Sister site All Cars Electric today announced that Norwegian automaker TH!NK, purveyor of the TH!NK city electric car, is planning an aggressive move into the U.S. market. Recently the company nearly went bankrupt, but nonetheless they've sold many of their two-seat all-electrics throughout Europe.

TH!NK North America CEO Richard Canny will make the official announcement at the Michigan Information Technology Center in Ann Arbor, Mi. on March 12. They call it the "world's first highway-safe fully electric city vehicle," but we shudder to think what that assertion does to the megalomaniacal Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors (see the inimitable Richard Read's fifth Link Love item, "Howard Huges watch 2009").

True, the Tesla Roadster is much more than just a city vehicle, so perhaps TH!NK is claiming its own unique sub-sub category. And the TH!NK is quite different in that it will likely retail for far less than the Tesla's $100,000-ish base price.

At the March 12 press conference, they'll be showing off with ride-and-drives to State of Michigan representative and politicians, hoping to drum up support and excitement at the prospect of locating TH!NK manufacturing facilities in Michigan. Surely it would be a cold day in hades before an unemployed UAW blue blood would be caught dead on the assembly line of a little commie electro golf cart. Then again, recessions make for unth!nkable scenarios.

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Comments (6)
  1. "Mr."

    The MAIN difference between a THINK and a Tesla is: the THINK is an electric car for the little people. At $100K, the Tesla can't be considered for the average Joe. BTW when did Norway become communist?

  2. "Well, the Th!nk was first"

    Th!nk did create a crash tested electric car long before Tesla was even an idea in Elon Musk's mind. They've been in the EV business for some 17 years now.

  3. "LOL"

    norwegians as commies, can't stop laughing, anyone east of the US must be a commie. Oh what you are the world's sole remaining superpower and you don't know this stuff... Anyway didn't Ford invest in Think and then jumped ship just before fuel prices went up!
    Then again these are POS glorified golf carts, perfect for gatted comunities though.
    Commies, still laughing...

  4. "actually..."

    To be fair, commie was used in the pejorative sense, along the lines of girlie, weenie, or wanker. Good post!

  5. "Commies..."

    I am THE car communist! (who else runs their old diesel on veggie oil...). Just kidding y'all, no political commentary intended. If it has four wheels, is designed well, and is interesting to the eye, I respect it. Trabants and Volgas need not apply. If the TH!NK is well-screwed together and Yugo-cheap (but not Yugo CHEAP), who knows, it might just have a fighting chance. Competition is what will make this country strong again.

  6. "Ford?"

    Didn't Ford used to own this company?

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