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Link Love From The Car Connection: Maserati Follows Fashion, Tesla Roadster Test Drive, And A Retooled 69

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SixNine Performance car by André Lyngra

SixNine Performance car by André Lyngra

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Hey, hey! Look who's here! Friday's back! And he's brought links:

  • The 69, reimagined -- There aren't many details about the concept you see above. We just know it's designed by André Lyngra, who calls it the SixNine Performance car. We also know that it looks pretty damn badass. You're welcome. [YankoDesign via Automotto]
  • More fast fashion -- Like Infiniti, Audi, and nearly every other upscale automaker, Maserati has joined the fashion fray. The company will team with Italian accessory house Momaboma to make the Maserati Momaboma "eco-bag"--which will run $186 and be made of "old brochures recovered from the Maserati archives". Apparently, cheap is the new luxury. [Edmunds]
  • Roadster romp and recharge -- One lucky driver in NYC got his hands on a Tesla Roadster, and he's got the video to prove it. The ride looks and sounds pretty awesome, but the lack of an extended-range backup caused some "range anxiety" issues. Of course, that wasn't anything that four hours of being attached to a jerryrigged 220v plug couldn't fix [GM-Volt, via BoingBoing]:

  • More signs of the times -- Given the slump in auto sales, perhaps you've wondered what's happened to all the auto inventory that's been piling up around the globe. No? Well, take a look at this slideshow anyway. We promise, it's the only time we'll be sober on Friday for a while. [TheDetroitBureau]

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Comments (3)
  1. "didn't see that coming....d'oh!"

    "Amazing Piles" has been taken down--makes me wonder how the automakers were able to do that. In any event, the text from luckynolucky states there are dozens of acres of additional cars being stored (on top of existing storage space under normal conditions). Of course, that has nothing to do with GMs $10B loss for the quarter. Thoughts, anyone?

  2. "Amazing Piles"

    The "Amazing Piles" clip is still up, FYI. Sometimes the YouTube embedder does funny things if you wait too long to start viewing a clip.

  3. "WTF?"

    Who the hell has got $109,000 for a friggin car? You see a new world where nobody uses gas.... I see the same world where only rich guys will be driving these overgrown golf carts.

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